Review: BECCA Compact Concealer

 Posted by on May 22, 2011
May 222011

It’s come to my attention that I need a quality concealer in my life and by come to my attention I mean my 5-year old son asking me what my bags were. To be quite honest I have never been a fan of concealers because I don’t like the texture, too thick or too mask-like. So I’ve avoided concealers, I admit it. Even though I am not a fan of how concealers feel, I absolutely love how they look. Little imperfections fade away, dark circles diminish and and acne marks are gone. I could not longer deny it any longer, I needed a good concealer.

While strolling around the floor at The Makeup Show I decided now was the best time to try out different brands and formulas and finally find the holy grail of concealers. At the end of the day I came across the Becca Cosmetics booth and looked at a few products. To be honest I’ve never tried BECCA Cosmetics, I’ve seen the brand in Duane Reade but never ventured to try the brand.

Becca Cosmetics Compact Concealer in Brioche

This little compact (above) caught my eye because of it’s small and sexy metal packaging. But what really caught my eye was the fact that there are two concealers formulations in one compact – Extra-cover and Medium-cover. I also love that BECCA caries 34 shades of this concealer because it offers lots of options for women of all nationalities. I tried the Medium-cover in Brioche and loved it, it had a creamy consistency and pigmented enough to mask my dark circles.

To test drive the concealer I wore it out all night long to a club and there was no caking under my eyes! The Extra-cover has a slightly drier consistency with more opaque coverage which was great for covering my blemishes.


My brief interlude with BECCA has made me an instant fan of using concealers again. What is your favorite concealer?

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