Apr 192011

Spring is finally here, and Easter, which is late this year, rapidly approaches. Pre-fab Easter baskets are crowding makeup off the shelves in drugstores, full of inexpensive toys and questionable quality chocolate bunnies with a single, staring sugar eye. Sometimes big girls get a decent quality box of chocolates or pretty flowers, but what would go in a beauty junkie’s ideal basket? Here are six things the Easter Bunny should consider in lieu of marshmallow chicks.

1.) Bubblegum pink Tarte TEN Natural Cheek Stain: Nothing is springier than bright pink blush, and this limited edition stain comes in an attractive, jeweled package. The saturated, wearable shade within is subtle enough to wear to work but adds a noticeable amount of cheek color in a creamy, blendable formula. A proprietary “super fruit complex” on the ingredient list contains goji, açaí and pomegranate.

2.) Super Chocolatey Angel by Thierry Mugler: I’ll admit that I’m pretty much a lifetime wearer of this controversial yet perennially popular fragrance. The unique blend of patchouli, honey, bergamot, vanilla, caramel- and yes, chocolate- certainly isn’t for everyone. Fans of subtle or clean-wearing fragrances generally don’t take to Angel, but if you want a sophisticated, foodie scent and like getting compliments on your perfume, this is possibly the most refined, grown-up and intoxicating chocolate perfume in fragrance history.

3.) Sweet Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Marshmallow: It’s not bunny-shaped or chocolate covered and being “lickable” and flavored, it’s probably a product that’s really only for grownups. But Urban Decay’s Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Marshmallow lasts way past when their Easter counterparts would have become stale and inedible, and leaves skin with a surprisingly subtle, sweet scented shimmer on exposed decolletage. The packaging, with a zebra print and tassled lid, is adorable, too.

4.) Grass-infused Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream: This hydrophilic, skin-plumping moisturizer has the added bonus of not getting strewn through every corner of the room and stuck to your jellybeans. In addition to nourishing tropical grass extract, it also contains reparative Vitamin E. But the high concentration of water-binding properties is really where this moisturizing gel shines.

5. and 6.) Adorably sweet Philosophy Sugar Chick and Philosophy Orange Jelly Bean Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath: Philosophy’s famously multi-tasking bath products come in a massive range of limited edition and standard options, but these two would be absolutely perfect for a skincare and makeup themed easter basket. Who would have thought skincare and Peeps could converge so perfectly?

A pastel tinted pedi and mint-green facial mask would be cute additions to a beauty basket, too. What beauty products would you like the Easter Bunny to hide in your eggs this year?

  2 Responses to “Six Products For a Beauty Junkie’s Easter Basket”

  1. I like Angel as well. Anything great provokes a strong response, whether positive or negative.

  2. Great post! I’d love to have a goodie beauty basket for Easter :) Where are the Reese’s eggs?

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