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 Posted by on March 31, 2011
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As part of my New Years resolutions I vowed to take better care of myself by indulging in spa treatments, meditation and basically anything that feeds my soul. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to get a great massage, a facial or other beauty treatment. So I decided to get a 50 minute Swedish massage and 20-minute nap at Yelo Spa in New York City. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and this would certainly help to ease my tension. Yelo Spa considers itself to be a sanctuary in the urban jungle utilizing massage, reflexology and customized aromatherapy treatments to help restore physical and mental health.

Inside Yelo Spa New York City

When I arrived at the spa I was immediately drawn to the colorful modern setting. The staff was extremely friendly (even though I was 30 minutes early!) and I was offered a cup of tea from the assortment of herbal flavors and a warm towel for my hands. It was a nice treat to step in from the cold and enjoy a relaxing hot cup of tea (and to wash my hands, I am in NYC after all!). Since this was my first visit at the spa I needed to fill out their questionnaire to note any ailments or areas or concern and to select which aromatherapy combinations best suited my needs and my sound preferences for my massage/nap session. I chose Gregorian monks chanting (but there were several other options like the ocean, rainforest, nature etc.) and a essential oil combination designed to help me relax.

Tea at Yelo Spa New York City

After enjoying my tea for a few minutes my masseuse arrived. She had really great energy, she was warm and engaging yet mellow. She asked a few questions to better assess my reasons for getting a massage and spoke in such a calm tone that it was impossible not to be relaxed. The massage was great, even though the reflexology as I’m a bit freaked by people touching my feet. Heh.Swedish Massage at Yelo Spa New York City

Now after the massage was the part that I was most curious about, the the Yelocab which was described a cocoon-like treatment room. I was wrapped in a snug blanket in the special zero gravity chair which leans back at an angle to lift your knees above your chest to allow the heart rate to slow down. The lights were dimmed the monks were chanting and I was relaxed but I just could not fall asleep. So I opted to meditate for a few minutes until the lights slowly (and colorfully) came back on. I really enjoyed my Yelo experience, the environment is built for relaxation, the staff did not try to push any products on me and the service was excellent. I can’t wait to try a facial at Yelo.

What was your most relaxing spa experience?

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