Mar 302011

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone

A few month back we reviewed Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush as a fantastic tool to add to your beauty arsenal. In addition to  made from recycled and sustainable materials a portion of sales is donated to environmental organizations. Well know actress and environmental activist Alicia Silverstone has partnered with Ecotools to create a brush and cosmetic bag collaboration. The collection, EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone will launch in April 2011 at Walgreens, Target and Walmart. The collection is pretty wallet friendly with all pieces prices at under $15.99.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the collection:


4-Piece Backstage Vanity Brush Set

Ecotool by Alicia Silverstone 6-Piece Brush Set and Bag

6-Piece Brush Set and Bag


Hanging Valet

Hanging Valet

Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone Deluxe Pencil Case

Deluxe Pencil Case


I think it’s important to mention that not only is collection is not beyond pretty it’s also eco-friendly. The sets are comprised of non-toxic ink, natural hemp and tree free paper. I appreciate the sophisticated look of the collection and from prior experience exceptional performance. Are you going to give this collection a try?

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  1. I adore EcoTools! Just replaced the brush set I bought a couple years ago with a new one and love it just as much as the first. That set holds up better than more high-end brushes I’ve used for sure.

  2. I just adore Alicia Silverstone and I have since the Aerosmith videos. Then came Clueless one of my all-time favourite movies, and she has become this amazing spokesperson for green living and leaving a gentle footprint on the earth. Who could be a better person to promote eco-friendly cosmetics tools. I admire this woman who devotes her life to doing good in the world.

  3. P.S. I gave you a Style Blogger Award. Please pay it forward :)

  4. […] Lipstick and Luxury posted about Alicia Silverstone’s collaboration with EcoTools, a brush and cosmetics bag collection which launches in April at attainable price points. Fashioned from recycled and sustainable materials, EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone will also donate a portion of proceeds to various environmental organizations. […]

  5. […] her “Sexiest Female Vegetarian” in 2004.) She recently collaborated with cosmetics company EcoTools to create an eco-friendly brush and makeup bag. And she promotes a planet-friendly, body-friendly, […]

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