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If you’re a connoisseur of cosmetics, you probably share the opinion that what’s in a jar, stick or pallette of color- the product itself- is only part of the experience when opening a favorite or new item. A gorgeous compact or an extra touch like a silky drawstring pouch can instantly influence you to be far more pleased with a product than you might have been without the fancy packaging.

This aesthetic influence extends past your potions themselves and over to your tools as well. Train cases serve a dual purpose in this regard- they organize and store your most treasured pieces safely, but also offer a pretty presentation on your vanity table or when you’re putting on your makeup. Here are five options for every makeup collection:

1.) Japonesque Train Case in Pink: This sleek, bubblegum pink lacquered train case wouldn’t look out of place in a fifties or sixties era starlet’s dressing room. It’s petite for a cosmetic case, with four small shelf/drawers and a larger bottom cavity, but should store any average sized makeup collection easily. (Above.)

2.) Kat Von D Adora Traincase: If the pink train case above isn’t visually stimulating enough for you, this black, white and red velvet number could fit the bill. Bedecked in the tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-brand’s signature inky style, this single level mirrored case has six pockets of varying size and feels a bit showgirly.

3.) Sephora Collection Metro Train Case in Black Diamond: Form and function are both factors in selecting this spacious, fully-featured professional-style train case. If you both travel and cannot be parted from your entire collection, the Sephora Black Diamond Train Case comes standard with both a lock and a strap to keep fellow passengers out and facilitate transportation across trains, flights and hotels. Two rows of roomy drawers open up to a huge bottom area to store even the most comprehensive set of lipsticks and glosses, and the classic black exterior has a bit of a quilted finish instead of the easily-scuffable, usual matte black.

4.) Black Soft Side Roll Down Makeup Case: Classic-style train cases have a certain allure, but if you’ve carried one any distance, you know that the hard corners have a way of knocking into your legs on jetways and taking up all the space stowed under or over seats. The rounded corners and purse-like look of this train case variant nclude the same multi-tier interior but lack the tank-like feel of its utilitarian cousins.

5.) Shany Silver Aluminum Train Case: Another classic train case style is brushed steel, and this particular model is a no-frills workhorse version. Corrugated tiers are big and wipe down easily, and the dividers are adjustable for more customizable storage.

How do you organize your makeup? Did you implement a system mainly for the way it looks, or do you have your pieces stashed in a more intuitive way?

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  1. Loving 3 & 4, still rocking my huge vintage silver metal MAC case that I purchased in 97…. thing lasts 4ever but want something smaller.

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