Mar 192011

SK-II Facial Treatment mask and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Now I must admit that I am a newbie to the SK-II brand so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a sample of it. I decided to take a closer look at SK-II to find out what make it so different from other treatment products. SK-II is made from a naturally derived liquid called Pitera which is is a yeast ferment filtrate of sake. Pitera contains a wealth of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and organic acids which help to maintain the PH balance of skin, smooth texture, even skin tone and help to restore the skins renewal process.

SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE – The treatment essence is applied after cleansing the face and is suitable for all skin types. The formula is made almost entirely from Pitera (approximately 90%) so it’s very concentrated. The treatment essence is a moisture booster that restores skin’s natural 28-day renewal cycle. With daily use the Facial Treatment Essence is said to improve skin hydration, clarity and smoothness. The treatment is very lightweight, absorbs easily and does not leave any residue. It takes up tow 28-days to see the full renewal but within two weeks there was a noticeable improvement in clarity.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT MASK – The facial treatment mask is a single use form fitting mask that can be used right out of the packet. Not only is this a super-hydrating mask but it’s the best fitting mask that I’ve tried! Most single use masks simply cut out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth areas but SK-II took the extra step of  cutting out wedges in the cotton cloth that perfectly overlap to ensure that your entire face is covered by the mask. Genius. If you’re looking for  quick moisturizing mask that leaves your skin radiant you may want to give it a try. After the first application my skin was not only hydrated but my spouse asked what I had done because my face looked “brighter”.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Overall I’d have to say that the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was rather impressive. I found the treatment essence  to be a great moisture booster on the normal areas of my face while still being able to balance my oily t-zone. The facial treatment is mask on the other hand is an intensive moisture boosting treatment that delivers a skin pick me up in less than 20 minutes. The mask comes in a box of 6 and costs about $90, the treatment essence starts at about $100 depending on the size. Now while the products are not cheap by any means but if your skin is in need of some serious hydration you may want to give SK-II a try.

Have you tried any products from SK-II?

  2 Responses to “Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence & Facial Treatment Mask”

  1. I have dreamed about trying this but have not had the luxury so far!! It is SUPER expensive. If you asked me which middle-age star has the most amazing skin I would reply, ” Cate Blanchett, hands down.” So since she is their spokes model it seems logical to want to try this out, until you see the price. Oy.

    I can dream…..

  2. […] first started using SK-II several months ago and have been a fan ever since. The Facial Treatment Essence has been residing in my medicine cabinet ever since I tried it.  With consistent use I’ve […]

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