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Growing out bangs is doubtlessly one of the most traumatic hair experiences known to man or woman. Confession: I’ve been sporting blunt bangs for the better part of three decades. Hair is supposed to be about experimentation, and heaven knows I’ve tried, so hard! I’ve enlisted the help of top stylists, side-swept bang favoring friends, train cases full of bobby pins… I never make it past the uncomfortable in-between stage.

However, last week I uncovered a semi-recent picture of Christina Aguilera that fueled my fringe-shedding lust anew. Emboldened by this image, I did a bit more research into the process of growing out bangs and experienced hope for the first time that maybe I too could experience a bangs-free existence. Here are four ways to rid yourself of bangs that minimize awkwardness and even enhance the midpoint.

1.) Pretend they’re not there. While the pic of Xtina below features layering at the edge of the bang, the style is largely dependent on the hair being treated as if there are no bangs. This runs counter to what my bangless and sidebangs friends have told me about styling the lengthier fringe over one eye, which is hard to wear for some people. Styling bangs straight down the middle and off the face is a good option once they’re at nose-level.

2.) Pretend they’re not there, part two. When bangs are too short to style loose, backcombing hair and blending them in is an easy fix. This look is ideal with an updo, but can be used when hair is down, as seen below on Reese Witherspoon. Bumble and Bumble’s Styling Creme will make hair behave, but isn’t too heavy for the bang area.

3.) Twist and pin. This look, as seen on Sandra Bullock, is a bit limiting for every day because of its distinctiveness, but it has a very intentional feel to it, as if you meant to have cheekbone length fringe. Pick your part, and comb hair back toward your ears on each side. Pin just before the edge, and arrange longer front pieces to cover hair ends. Pin again to keep the longer strands in place, if desired. If you are into hair accessories, this is a great way to show off some fancy, vintage-style barrettes.

4.) Dramatic side part. Similar to twisting and pinning, parting hair dramatically and pinning them to the side is a bit less impactful and easier to wear a few days in a row. Take a teensy, tiny bit of a wax like Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax and put half of it back. Seriously, minuscule. Warm it in your fingertips and gently coax the styled part to the side. Work the remainder into the ends of your hair before you’re tempted to mess with it any more. Kristen Bell’s one-pin style above epitomizes this look.

Have you survived growing out bangs? Do you have any tips to ease the growing-out stage?

  5 Responses to “Growing Out Bangs? Four Ways to a Faster, Less Painful Transition”

  1. Your first line said it all. I grew out my bangs in Grade 12 and the task was so arduous I have NEVER cut bangs into my hair again and likely never will.

    • I actually did grow them all the way out once, but then I got paranoid because everyone said I didn’t “look like me.” :)

  2. christina looks awful in this picture lol

  3. I am in the process of growing out my bangs, which I have done many times as a hair stylist. The claw type mini clips now come with little teeth so they won’t slide out. After drying, I spray with an aerosol light hold hairspay, then I make 3 small twisties. It’s in style and very easy.

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