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 Posted by on March 9, 2011
Mar 092011

Terry Baume de Rose Crystal

Dry winter lips are part of the expected collateral damage that the winter has wrecked havoc on our delicate skin. My beauty arsenal is literally packed with makeup bags full of ointments, treatments, lips glosses, chapstick and anything else that I can get my hands on to combat dry lips. Enter Baume de Rose from by Terry which takes you on modern-day trip to an old world French apothecary.

Terry Baume De Rose lip care

This protective and repairing balm is used to protect and sooth dry lips but it can also be used as a cuticle moisturizer. It also has SPG 15 to help combat sun damage (which can cause skin to look older than it is). This luxurious treatment is creamy, delivers a light sheen and has a delicate rose scent. Baum de Rose contains Ceramides, Vitamin E as well as Rose flower essential oil to soften, Shea Butter to hydrate and Lipo regenerating complex to stimulate cell renewal.

What I loved most about this lip balm (besides the intoxicating rose scent) was that it’s a great base for lipstick. The texture is light and not greasy or heavy, which I can appreciate especially when applying lipstick on top of it. This balm can also be worn alone, the color is a sheer milky pink. But I prefer to use it as a treatment and not a gloss. I also apply a bit at night and my lips feel incredibly smooth by morning. The delicate rose scent is not at all overwhelming and it actually a pleasant pick me up! Baume de Rose is indeed a luxury, as it retails for about $58. I must admit that this treatment is my new addiction, hey don’t we all deserve a little bit of luxury!

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  1. We really do need a great lipstick base in cold weather or else lips look awful with all those flakes and dryness. Yuck.

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