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As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sashays on, it’s always fun to see how the trends we read about are translated to the catwalk from written press releases and trend reports. One consistent theme is the emergence of steel or ash gray as an extremely pervasive and fresh looking neutral, with pops of fiery color for tops, accessories and face.

We’ve got some exclusive snaps from Mehron‘s makeup looks backstage at Toni Francesc‘s Fall 2011 collection. A press release described the collection as inspired by the mythical phoenix:

“The Phoenix has long been presented as symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal… The collection provides an insight into each phase ranging from the fire to the ashes… Garments are composed of luscious silks and wools. Generous, straight forms are combined with volumes that nip in at the waist and hug the body in clean lines that trace the female figure.”

The luxe wool and silky textures were balanced by casually disheveled updos and what can best be described as very stylish bed-head. Clean, matte skin was accented with strong, decidedly avian liner. A fringe of thick, assertive lashes crowned eye looks, and a pouty, mid-gloss pink or orange-y red lip finished the look. Witness:

Winged liner and gorgeous lash fringe!

Vibrant lip palette featuring a range of pinks, plums and reds for fall pouts.

More intense liner, dramatic lashes, fire and gray palette, and beautiful reddish-pink lip.

On-trend ochre, updo and plummy red lip.

Darkest pink lip, slate gray slacks and amazing bed hair.

The interplay of finished (liner) and unfinished (hair), neutral (gray wool) and intense (fire orange silk), luxe and distressed is really standing out with the Fall 2011 collections I’ve seen thus far. Which Fall 2011 trends have caught your eye?

[Images courtesy of Richard Esposito]

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  1. Those eyes are amazing! Beauty is just as important as the clothes at Fashion Week!

  2. […] Intense, winged liner: We hinted at this trend in our post about Mehron for Toni Francesc, but this is a look that popped up in several F/W 2011 collections and is seen below at Monique […]

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