Stylish Staples for Springtime Showers

 Posted by on February 8, 2011
Feb 082011

I’ll admit that as a blogger, I no longer have to slog through the elements in New York City. (Don’t be mad at me!) But I clearly remember the many springs I spent thrilled it was no longer icy and freezing, but still contending with sheets of rain and gusts of wind. Plus, I have bangs. Middle parted girls can deal with showers a bit more gracefully, but for girls with a “fringe,” spring is that much more volatile.

Despite being an avid shopper (and spring baby), the season always snuck up on me unprepared. So if I were braving the elements again, here are five items I’d love in my arsenal of springtime gear.

1.) A practical but pretty trench: For some reason, I only just recently learned that something called a “hooded trench” exists. This is on par with finding tinted balms or conditioning styling crème. This option by Hawke is practical, with both the aforementioned hood and a removable liner (genius!) But if you want something a bit more girly and in spring chosen color purple, Ruche has this adorable, deeply hued option by Tulle that’s fully lined in plaid. (And a steal at $72.99)

2.) An aggressively pink lip gloss: It’s that time of winter where all you can think about is flowers, pastels and supremely pink lips, and this Trish McEvoy lipgloss with SPF 15, I think, may have inspired a Lil’ Mama song.

3.) A cloche to avoid wet hair: Cloches are timeless, but also sport a low brim to keep bangs dry. This one has a sturdy felt bow, with a matching, cheery lining.

4.) Boots!: Okay, everyone and their mom wore Hunter boots this winter, but it also seemed that that Mini Cooper shade of green was the main hue of choice. This lively, matte pink version is knee-high and springier than a bunny carrying a bunch of daffodils on the Vernal Equinox. (Also, did you know they make cozy matching but contrasting liners?)

5.) A sweet pendant: Another symbol of spring is adorable baby animals, and this delicate but noticeable silver fawn necklace is sweet and whimsical- perfect to brighten up a gray and kind of glum day.

6.) A coated canvas purse to keep tech toys dry: Coated canvas bags always have a bit of an air of usefulness to them, but if you’ve ever killed a cell phone by failing to screw a water bottle cap on all the way, you probably still panic a bit about your iPhone when you’re walking to the subway in a typhoon. Brooklyn Industries always has a selection of coated canvas totes that are well made and capacious, and this black and gray damask tote with a magenta lining is adorable and water resistant.

What are you looking forward to wearing when you put away your winter gear? Which spring trends are you totally feeling?

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  1. The hooded trench would seem sensible, wouldn’t it? I never thought of it either. I guess because the English carry brollies with them they don’t need it, but we can certainly use it to keep the rain off our well-coiffed heads. I often flat-iron so if my hair gets wet, I’m done.

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