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Makeup artists are praised for their innovation and creativity, and indeed, many possess the ability to teach you new tricks you’d have never thought to try on your own. A good makeup consult can help even the most product-savvy of beauty junkies, but most makeup artists rely on a small stable of never fail shortcuts that flatter something like 98%* of clients. (Estimated, of course.)

Bear in mind there are exceptions for every rule, and one of the tenets of makeup is to experiment and find what works for you, first and foremost. Still, these tips could streamline your look and really do work on almost everyone.

1.) Use bright blush, and quit contouring: I’ve spoken before of my love of super-bright blushes. Hands down, I’ve found, these are the most underrated products to create a fresh, clean look. It took me several years of experimenting with bronzer to realize nothing had the oomph-factor of a sheer wash of bright color. Following on from that, adding blush to the apples of the cheeks rather than contouring with a darker shade creates a healthier, cleaner look.

2.) Get a good eyelash curler, and cling to it like a life preserver: My Shu Uemura curler is older than my youngest daughter, and even on a tinted lip balm and mineral makeup day, my Shu and I have some face time. A good curler will make a far bigger difference in your eye makeup look than a good mascara.

3.) Moisturize, always: Applying foundation or any lip product over an improperly moisturized face or flaky lips creates a multitude of problems. If you give moisturizer 3-5 minutes to penetrate, your products will go on smoothly and last longer. Exfoliation helps moisture soak in, and a thin coat of balm, blotted off, will keep lips from drying and create an even base.

4.) A good black eyeliner can totally make your look: Time and again, I found myself picking up MAC’s Kohl in Smolder to highlight clients’ eyes regardless of skin tone or age. Get a soft kohl- Rimmel’s Jet Black is excellent- and feather it in to just the lashline. Done correctly, no one will realize you’re even wearing liner. Maintaining a super-sharp point is the key here.

5.) Tap, tap tap: Excess pigment can really mess up application of powder-based products. Tapping your brush over the pan, especially with setting powders, prevents pigment from oversaturating your brushes and creasing on skin. Blotting after application helps, too.

6.) Define your brows: Although brow gel isn’t necessary (it does help), cleaning up your brows instantly gives your face a clearer set of lines. The easiest guide to brow shaping comes from your actual eyes- brows should start at a straight line up from the tear duct. (Use a straight edge like a nail file to measure.) From there, looking absolutely straight ahead allows you to measure the arch of your brow from the outer edge of the iris. Once you have these two points plotted out, plucking stray hairs creates the perfect brow shape. If you want to get super-fancy, comb brows up, trim hairs that extend above the top line of your brows, and brush back down.

Have you discovered any makeup tips or tricks that you swear by? Which products or practices are the core of your makeup routine?

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  1. Add a touch of Nivea Radiance Boosting moisturiser to my foundation; the effect is incredible.
    Also I don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes (they end up looking like spiders legs),. But just the effect of blinking, transfers mascara from the top lashes to the bottom, with a more natural effect.

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  3. Eyebrows are important as they frame your face and the more natural the better. I also stand by my eyelash curler and define my brows with pencil because they are sparse.

  4. Love your site and loved this article .

  5. Agree 100% on bright blush! I find that a bright coral shade on my cheeks brightens my whole face, making me look awake and healthy in a flash! Same for one coat of mascara – such as quick thing to do for a huge difference. (PS: Nice to “meet” an iFabbo member!)

  6. Very nice and helpful tips.

    Thanks a lot.

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