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Until the rise of blogging as an all-purpose information distribution medium (and the subsequent blogging hordes of beauty and fashion techie girls who emerged), the terms geek and chic had never converged so frequently. As a former makeup addict and product junkie who also obsessively collected comics as a kid (often the only girl in the comic shop), I cannot think of anything I have been as cosmetically enthused for in a long while as as I am about MAC’s forthcoming Wonder Woman collection.

Mac Wonder Woman collection lipstick

Mac Wonder Woman collection lipstick

Mac Wonder Woman collection lipstick

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Mascara

I have to admit, I’m of two minds here. On one hand, I cannot wait to tear into these adorable pieces, slicking on a coat of Wonder Woman Lipglass at any given opportunity. On the other, comic book people are all about preserving, and the items in this line are so incredibly adorable, I just want to install a special shelf above my vanity to display them in pristine perfection forevermore. Limited editions are always a two-edged sword- you could love it, which would be awesome, but you could also really love it, and be heartbroken when your newly beloved formulation is no longer available.

Announced back in July, the MAC Wonder Woman line will finally grace the store’s counters on February 10th. And it’s extensive. Four lipsticks, including- OMG- Russian Red– are included, as well as four limited edition Lipglass shades. Four Opulush Mascaras are also offered, three limited edition shades and Black Black for good measure. A Penultimate Eye Liner in one of MAC’s permanent colors, Rapidblack True Black, is part of the collection, as well as Nail Laquers in limited edition shades of superhero uniform red and navy.

Three eyeshadow quads, and two each of Pigment, Glitter, Mineralize Skinfinish and Blush Duos round out the color selections, mostly in limited edition shades. Accessories include an Invincible Mirror (no word on whether it can defeat Angle Man or melt The Snowman’s rays), and a t-shirt. Most excitingly, however, are two brush sets- one for the face and one eye makeup set- and makeup bags in Wonder Woman Red and Bulletproof Blue.

A cursory glance at feedback on the MAC Wonder Woman collection suggests that not every makeup junkie is excited as I am about these pieces. Do you plan to pick up some of the items, or is the packaging a bit too cute and retro for your tastes?

  5 Responses to “MAC Wonder Woman Collection Finally Hits Counters February 10th”

  1. I think they could have made the packaging more sophisticated. I’d still get it, thought, to wear with my Wonder Woman costume on Halloween.

  2. I can’t wait! Russian Red all day every day! <3

  3. […] newly-revealed Surf Baby collection of limited edition colors and permanent shades. Reaction to the MAC Wonder Woman collection was mixed, with many MAC fans feeling that the collection felt a bit downmarket for the brand. […]

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