Jan 252011

I keep reading that pink is hot for Spring 2011. Which leads to the inevitable question- when is pink ever not hot? If you’re like me, there’s the inevitable point each winter where you go into cold-weather denial and you begin to gravitate toward super-springy shades, selecting cosmetics more geared for a sundress and glitzy sandals. As a makeup artist, I tended overall to shun browned down tones in favor of sheerer washes of pure color, and if there’s ever a time of year that’s more needed, it’s right now. Here are five pretty pink products that will pull you out of a winter-neutrals rut.

1.) MAC Pink Swoon: By no means new, this product is so deceptively bright in the pan. But brushed on to the apples of cheeks, whether you’re NC10 or NW45, this classic powder blush provides the perfect wash of sheer, true pink as if you’ve been skiing. Or briskly walking on a crisp March day.

2.) Too Faced Look of Love Set: Sets are like the all-you-can-eat sushi of the makeup world. You may not like it all, but OMG, it looks so cool on your plate. This one is really well rounded, with two primer products, a milky-pink gloss, a baby kabuki, a mascara, and a neutral shadow/pink blush trio in what honestly appear to be my three desert island shades. Plus a bag!

3.) Tarte LipSurgenceā„¢ natural lip tint in Amused: Tarte’s stains have a deserved cult following for their pure, pigmented color washes, sheer textures and wonderfully unique product shapes. This sheer, bright pink takes that concept and morphs it into pencil form in a color that looks audacious but wearable.

4.) Tweezerman Slant Tweezers in Pink: Okay, this one isn’t technically going to add color to your palette, but it’s here for two reasons. One is the color, of course, and one is that perfectly groomed brows are always an instant pick me up. And if you haven’t plucked with Tweezermans, the unrivaled precision really does help for a more comprehensively cleaned up brow shape.

5.) Benefit lady’s choice deluxe mini full-finish lipstick: Edging towards matte-iness, this is totally a Bardot or Marilyn pink. The mini-size is purse friendly, and the color is sheer enough to infuse lips with the pale hue without the effect of washing out your look. This particular product is also a freebie with a $40 Benefit purchase at Amazon right now if you use the code MINILADY.

What’s your favorite cosmetic pick-me-up? Do you have a colorful favorite you inevitably dig out each Spring?

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