Jan 142011

So, mascara- does any other genre of makeup hold so much promise only to deliver so much “meh” when you finally get it home and unwrap it? Although I am no longer out in the trenches doing makeup all day, mascara was always an item I could never get super-enthusiastic when recommending. If a client asked, I had a few standbys to suggest, but pretty much every mascara behaves in the same way. MAC Zoom Lash and Lancôme’s Definicils can generate a bit of my lash excitement, but I also get nervous about committing to a full tube of any one mascara because even with precautions, they all get a bit gloopy after two weeks.

I’ve found that most work pretty much the same and generally credit my lashes to the Shu Uemura curler I’ve had in my constant possession for ten years. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what mascara is great for- it holds the curl and darkens, right? So I was pleased enough to get my hands on a cute mini version of Hourglass Cosmetics’ Film Noir Mascara. The 30s Hollywood look is one of my all-time favorites, so I was piqued by the name alone, and the unusual font on the goldy-black packaging looks like something Clara Bow may have carried around in her clutch. Ingredients include conditioning Pro-Vitamin B5 and polymers to help the product stay put. The formula is also free of synthetic dyes and phthalates, so there’s that.

As a mom of two kids in the chatter non-stop phase, I’m not always paying full attention when I apply my makeup. So it was a bit surprising to look in the mirror some time later and see subtly darkened, perfectly defined, smudgeless lashes. I thought my former mascara had been doing a decent job, but in comparison, my lashes looked a bit more neatly enhanced. Vowing to focus for the next application, I used the “triple-cut, hourglass-shaped brush” to apply two coats after curling. The light but effective formula subtly defined even my hard to reach corner lashes, creating a completely neat and polished look.

While it doesn’t carry the impact of a sleek, perfect kohl line or a shimmery gold lid, I think Hourglass Cosmetics’ Film Noir Mascara has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag. Do you have a desert-island mascara? Are you brand loyal to a certain formulation?

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  1. Oh wow, I’m definitely going to have to try this! I love the Hourglass foundation and lip gloss and have been wondering about the mascara. Thanks for the great review!!

    Lipstick Musings

  2. Busy moms really do need makeup that works without a hitch, I must try this.

  3. Does this one add volume? I learned from another make-up artist named Nicole (at peachgloss.com) that my lashes are long so they need plumping up more than lengthening. It is these little gems I get from the make-up gurus that change my life in small but meaningful ways :)

  4. Hmm, this is 2nd good review I’ve read about this mascara. Think I’ll have to break down & give it a try.

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