Four Tips For Glowy, Happy Winter Skin

 Posted by on January 11, 2011
Jan 112011

As temperatures plummet, oftentimes so does the condition of your skin. Before you even step out into the frigid, windy air, the effects of winter on your face can frequently be seen and felt. But there are a few simple measures you can take to prevent the worst ravages of Jack Frostian climates on your delicate visage.

1: Cleanse gently. Consider switching to a cleanser that dissolves makeup and oil with a creamy or even oil base rather than a sudsy wash. Shu Uemura’s oil cleansers are legendary among makeup artists for their amazing clean finish despite a rich texture. Applied to dry skin, they gently foam with the addition of water and leave your face incredibly fresh. Oil cleansers can even, counter-intuitively, balance oily skin by breaking down sebum effectively.

2. Exfoliate. It may seem like scheduled scrubbing is less necessary when skin is drying out or dehydrating due to the cold, but in actuality, moisture can’t get deep into skin without regular removal of icky dead skin and stagnant oils. Even oily skin can become dehydrated and feel dry- which seems totally unfair when you’re still getting blackheads. A manual scrub is great to remove dead skin flakes (like Korres’ Pomegranate Scrub), but an enzyme based face wash or treatment can use gentle ingredients to exfoliate, too. (Philosphy’s Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads are a mild chemical exfoliant.)

3. Moisturize harder! Light moisturizers can suddenly disappear into thirsty winter skin, and even if you’re worried about clogging pores, you might need a stronger option in dry winter weather. Dry oils, like rosehip seed, can nourish and protect your skin and lock in much-needed moisture. A few drops of a product like Aubrey Organics Rose Hip Seed Oil on dehydrated areas can soothe and protect skin against windburn and other cold-weather pitfalls.

4. Don’t forget about your hands. Before my face ever starts showing symptoms of winter strain, I see signs of stress on my frequently washed hands. While skin is still a little damp, liberally apply a thick cream to the tops of hands every time you wash. L’Occitane’s Honey Orange Shea Butter is nice (with a pretty tin), but even the decidedly less sexy Aquaphor will keep hands from chapping and drying out.

Last but not least, don’t cast aside your SPF- sun can even reflect off snow and damage skin. But with a few preventative steps, you can keep skin (and makeup!) looking smooth and glowy in the coldest, most blustery winter days.

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  1. Thanks for these easy and sensible tips. It’s amazing how thirsty skin gets in winter. You can never moisturize too much. I got a cracked heel for the first time ever and it was painful! I had to go with an oily body butter to cure that one. Pedicures still necessary even though feet are under wraps, too. It’s about foot care not just pretty toes.

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