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Trader Joe's Spa Gentle Facial Cleanser

As a blogger, my taste in creams and cleansers tends toward the uber-fancy. We all know that while drugstores have some good old standards, the CVS experience isn’t as exciting as toting home a tiny, pretty shopping bag stocked with high-end lotions and potions. In fact, I would have never given this sleek and stylish cleanser and lotion combo a second glance on a recent trip to Trader Joe’s had it not strongly reminded me of the clean lines in the packaging of Ren Skincare.


Stocked unobtrusively among the paper towels and vitamins, I spotted Trader Joe’s Spa Gentle Facial Cleanser and Trader Joe’s Spa Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion. I surreptitiously sidled up to the shelf and examined the slim cylinders, giving the ingredients list a quick perusal. The citrus-scented formulations lacked parabens, mineral oil fillers, and boasted Vitamins A and C in addition to skin-friendly aloe vera juice and super-hydrophilic hyaluronic acid. At far less than $10 a pop, I could not place them back on the display, and into my cart they went.

Some cursory research indicated overwhelmingly positive reviews of the product, and I followed the tip of massaging the cleanser into dry skin for enhanced chemical exfoliation. (That sounds scary, but it just means scrubbing without scrubbing.) The cleanser tingles, but not in a bad way. It rinses off with low foam, and feels almost like a mini peel. I followed with a generous application of the Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion, and my skin drank up the moisture- resulting in a clean, but not dry or tight result.

After two weeks of use, I have not required a manual exfoliant once. My skin glows and hasn’t succumbed to winter dehydration, a frustration many of us oily-skinned girls can experience when temperatures plummet. I’m almost mad at Trader Joe’s for depriving me the joy of scanning the counters for a pricey cream and serum to combat cold-weather flakes, but then I remember how awesome my skin feels and all is forgiven.

What beauty finds have you come across in unexpected locations?

  11 Responses to “Unexpected Find: Trader Joe’s Spa Gentle Facial Cleanser + Regenerating Antioxidant Moisturizing Face Lotion”

  1. I found a wonderful foundation called Smashbox which makes my skin positively glow…at Shopper’s Drug Mart (that is similar to Duane Reade). It’s not that cheap, but it is my new brand and I swear by it. It matches my skin exactly and looks natural: me except better!

  2. can you use the trader joes cleanser with the clarsonic mia or do you recommend against that?

  3. Trader Joe’s spa cream and facial wash WORKS! In two weeks I noticed no fine lines,reduction of pour size to almost invisible, and reduction in acne marks and dark spots. It is as though the product was divinely made. Just one more reason to love Trader Joe’s

  4. Has anybody tried the trader joe’s shampoos?

  5. I’ve suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis for many years, mostly on my face by the nose and my facial hair. I used to use a soap called ZNP that really kept it under control; I had to order it online and it was about $10 a bar. Well, they discontinued that line of soap, so I’ve been trying to find an alternative. I’ve used a some Neuetrogena products, and I’ve found they’ve caused more frequent flare-ups and severe drying out of my skin. I saw this cleanser at Trader Joe’s, and for the price decided to try it. I’ve been using it for days and my skin is soft, glowing and my skin condition seems to be under control. I am very happy so far. I might go back and try the facial lotion. I’m not an expert on Trader Joe’s products, but I’ll definatley start doing my research.

    • Thank you! My mom and I have been so sad that ZNP bars were discontinued, and we’ve been trying to find a replacement product. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  6. I’m unhappy to report that Trader Joe’s has discontinued the Spa Gentle Facial Cleanser and the Spa Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion. (The cleanser has been replaced by a new item, which I’ve tried and don’t like nearly as well.) Anyone know what company manufactured the Spa line for TJ’s—I’m hoping to find it under another label. Thanks.


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