Winter 2011 Preview: 66° North

 Posted by on January 6, 2011
Jan 062011

The Icelandic clothing company 66° North, presented their Fall/Winter 2011 collection at the Scandinavia House on January 5, 2001 in New York City.

The pieces were well fitted and not the usual bulky ski jackets that we are accustomed to seeing. The jackets are constructed with a layering approach for warmth without unnecessary bulk. Many items are designed to fit closely on the body with clean lines and detailing.

66 North Winter 2011 fashion show

66 North F/W 2011 Fashion Show

66 North provides a practical yet stylish option to keep warm during the frigid winter months. The company constructs various outerwear options including Outer Layer, Mid Layer and Base Layer clothing as well as pretty sweaters, chic pants and many other winter accessories.

66 North Fashion Show

66 North Fall/Winter 2011

66 North F/W 2011

66 North is named after Iceland’s location along the 66 degree latitude line near the Arctic Circle. So if 66 North can keep the Ice Road Truckers warm then it can keep a trendy fashionista nice and toasty. The complete Winter 2011 line can be found at here.

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