Jan 052011

When everyone and their shampoo girl started talking about Moroccan Oil, my baby-fine hair and I immediately tuned out. I’d long ago given up on working with its limp fineness coupled with its tendency to either lay flatironed into boring submission- or when air-dried, paradoxically make me look the bassist of an spandex-clad metal band circa 1986. Even when carefully styled, my hair always seems to have a bit of unwanted frizz that really suggests I am inept with styling tools and belies its lightweight texture. Clearly, this miracle Moroccan Oil would be better suited to my girlfriends, all of whom were blessed with luscious locks they don’t color into crackliness every six weeks.

Or so I assumed. My sister, a master stylist, included a massive bottle of the much lauded Moroccan Oil with my Christmas gift this year. Despite my skepticism that Moroccan Oil and my hair texture were destined to be enemies and that the treatment would cause my locks to separate into difficult to define clumps, the big apothecary style bottle and fancy box won out over my impulse to swap it. (It was Tiffany blue! Like a Tiffany box!) I worked the exotically-scented potion into my hair starting with the cotton-candy like ends, smoothing it out over my breakage-heavy roots and all the while convinced it wouldn’t work.

Miracle! After a few uses, my formerly unruly and sparse coif has been transformed. It’s not thicker, alas, but a simple blow-dry results in smooth, shiny, cohesive style. Top-knots and chignons fall effortlessly into place with no errant crimped half-ringlets, and even after using a shower cap, my hair remains smooth and most surprisingly, not greasy or weighed down. I’ve tried every possible defrizzing potion, and as anyone with fine hair knows, most of them are a bit too intense for thin hair. If you’ve struggled with limp, fine hair that doesn’t do anything, Moroccan Oil might just be the secret ingredient to avail yourself of breakage, frizz and hairnemia.

Do you have any desert island hair potions? What products have drastically diminished the number of bad hair days you wake up to?

  2 Responses to “Review: Is Moroccan Oil an Option For Fine, Frizzy Hair?”

  1. I’ve heard so much about Moroccan Oil and now I’m going to grab some. How lucky you are to have a master stylist for a sister. You made me laugh out loud at the hair band reference by the way.

  2. Aw, thanks! It makes me want to laugh too, sometimes- half curly and half straight. I guess flat irons hadn’t been invented then!

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