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 Posted by on January 4, 2011
Jan 042011

NYC is one of the fashion capitals of the world and known to house some of the best runway shows in the world. Many people are not aware that in the streets of New York is where you see what New York fashion is all about.  I will give you a rundown of the best place to see and shop for fashion in NYC. Today I will talk about the stellar shopping in Union Square and the fashion forward  look in Harlem, NYC. Welcome to a sneak peek at NYC Concrete Runway!

Union Square

Manhattan is full of great places to see some fabulous fashion. Though I love Fashion week, I can see some serious style at several places in Manhattan. One of my favorite places to check out some style is Union Square. Union square is full of fashion and style. From the Uptown diva to the downtown diva, Union Square is one of my favorite picks to see some serious style. Fashion around Union Square is a snap shot of the style of NYC. Union Square is the best place to find a kaleidoscope of style and fashion. The best place to see fashion is at Greenmarket farmers in market Union Square. Some of the best fashions can be seen there.  Who knew that buying veggies could be so stylish.

There are also some great stores in the Union Square area you that need to be seen in order to embrace the style of NYC. One of my favorite fashion havens is Nordstrom Rack in Union Square! This is the best place to brand names on a knockoff budget. Everyone is having money issue with this recession so this is great for all my L&L divas and divos. So if you love great clothes and designer labels but you more is a bit short, than Nordstrom Rack in Union Square is it. Yeah Nordstrom Rack!

I love Vintage shops and Union square is filled with great vintage shops! If your look is vintage than high fashion than go to the fabulous Shareen Vintage in NYC. This shop is full of fashion goodies. You can find fashion gold in the racks of Shareen Vintage. They hold some of the best designer names and classic apparel than any huge department store. When you buy vintage, you buy a piece of fashion history. There are tons of vintage shops all over Union Square, make sure you explore Union Square for all it fashion treats.


From the runway to the Boulevard, Harlem NYC has been an inspiration to many fashion designers and stylist. Many designers in the industry use the style and essence of Harlem as a muse to their collection. There are tons of places to go in Harlem to find fashion gold but nothing compares to 125th street! 125th is home to the legendary Apollo and some of the best fashions the city. From urban to chic, Harlem has it all. Just take the A train up town, get off at 125th street and look at all the different styles, looks, and up and coming trends that Harlem has to offer. Many do not realize that Harlem is the place where many fashion trends start.

There are tons of stores that are a must when visiting Harlem. First make sure you stop by House of Hoops by Foot Lockers. This store has the most exclusive sneakers on the market. If you are a sneaker head than this is you one and only stop you will want to make.if you are a lover of urban inspired fashion than definitely check out Atmos NYC, Dj Jays, and Jimmy Jazz. These stores have a great selection of apparel.

For all my cosmetic diva out there make sure you stop by two stores on 125th street, M·A·C cosmetics and Carol’s Daughter. Both of these stores has everything you need to get your makeup tight and you hair and skin look right. There are also many great mainstream and boutique on 125th, which makes shopping a breeze. I would suggest visiting all shops along 125th. There are some huge labels that call Harlem home like American Apparel and H&M. While the shopping at all the stores in Harlem is great, some the best items you can find are on the tables of the dozens of street vendors that lines 125th. I found some chic and reasonable accessories street side. You can get just about anything from the street vendors, from hoop earring to great novels. Harlem is a shoppers dream.

Well my L&L readers, this is the conclusion of the Concrete Runway: NYC  – Union Square and Harlem edition. Later on this week I will give you a look at the infamous Madison Ave in NYC and Soho!

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