How Do You Organize Your Makeup?

 Posted by on December 23, 2010
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Okay so you look fierce when you go out– not a hair or even an eyelash out of place and your skin looks so smooth that you’re already a walking airbrushed photograph. But how long did it take to make that happen? Only a few minutes, or did you spend hours on that gorgeous face? Well how many of those minutes or hours spent are actually time spent looking for the right makeup rather than putting it on?

If you are anything like me, you probably collect your old make up and keep it forever… Even if you don’t even use or like it anymore. Well it’s time to update. It’s almost a new year, get ready for a whole fresh new you. Throw out the things that you haven’t used in at least 6 months– YES even that moisturizer that has a little bit in the bottle but you feel wasteful throwing it out.

Once you are down to the things you like the most, find a good place to store them. I like stacking all of the flat eyeshadows in one area and I use sort of a Lazy Susan type box for all of my brushes lip glosses and virtually anything long and skinny. (You can pick one up at TJ Maxx for $6.99) I can turn it easily and just pick out whatever I want.

Then there is your on-the-go makeup bag. Keep it pretty simple– it’s fine to have a few things if you’re transforming from day to night but think about how many times you really reapply eyeliner and mascara when you’re out on the town. Personally, I like leaving my on-the-go bag packed up neatly with my other makeup because some of the items in it are for everyday use. I just use it, then zip it up and throw it in my bag.

Once you remove the clutter from your makeup area, I bet you will also be able to get ready quicker and better and calmer, since you won’t be stressed trying to find your reddest lipstick.

Hey, as you can see, I’m not so perfect either, but really it makes a huge difference in getting ready. It only takes me a cool 6-10 minutes to put my makeup on because I know what I have, what I need and where to find it.

Good luck and let me know how it goes in the comments.

by Brooke B.

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  1. I store most of my makeup in a 10 drawer organizer. I did a post on it here –

    I recently got some other storage from Ikea, and I did a post about it here –

  2. I organize using a 3 tier tote thing… plus I have another drawer in another 4 drawer tote, and also 2 buckets in the bathroom as well as the bottom of my purse :)

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