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 Posted by on December 16, 2010
Dec 162010

Originally, when I thought of the word “bib” other words like, “baby” and “spit-up” used come to mind, and certainly never words like “sexy” “necklace” or “funky”. Well the tables have turned for the little word “bib” because now every time I look around I am graced with girls wearing awesome and amazing neckwear with that of the same name as a baby’s spit-up cloth.

The bib necklace

The first hot bib I fell for was in the Roberta Freymann store– a thick blue piece of fabric studded with lots of non precious jewels and stones and 2 fabric ties to close it in the back… I had to have it so badly, but when I saw the price tag– $275, I decided I would find another option. Not that $275 is such an exorbitant for an awesome piece of jewelry, but I’m a frugal shopper so I was determined to find another way. Then while having a fun little shopping adventure at Daffy’s, I found it– the perfect bib. It was a thick piece of black fabric covered in tiny glass tubes with silver coloring inside each one and lots of little goldish brown beads and studs, by Patrizia Pepe. I snatched it for only $19.95 and now I’m able to wear it with everything.

The best part about a bib is that it dresses up even the most boring and simple outfit. If you have a plain white t-shirt or a simple dress on, throw on a funky bib. Since they are usually thick, they take up a good amount of neck and chest room so you only need one, instead of layering a few heavy necklaces. Also, you can tie it to be as loose or tight as you want. And hello, they are the perfect accessory to wear to holiday parties– plenty of necklace without too much glitz, sexy without screaming SEX.

So ladies, embrace the new and improved bib.

by Brooke B.

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  1. I love chunky necklaces and this definitely qualifies.

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