Thursday Friday gives Birkin a makeover

 Posted by on December 7, 2010
Dec 072010

Together Bag, Red by Thursday Friday

If you’ve ever wished for a Hermès Birkin Bag but your bank account was just shy of 10k or so? Well this cheeky tote by Thursday Friday may fit the bill.  The tote is called the Together Bag and is fully lined with an inner patch pocket. The Together Bag comes in three colors: Red, Blue and Camel and is extremely affordable at just $35. The tote is a great swap for your lunch tote, grocery bag or gym bag.

There was a three-month long waiting list for this bag but it’s now available at, so hurry before they’re sold out!

  4 Responses to “Thursday Friday gives Birkin a makeover”

  1. Yikes! That’s kind of like the tuxedo shirt. Not really my cup of tea.

  2. Do not order. Had my card charged months ago, no product, no contact. Am disputing though credit card company

  3. BEWARE!! I had the same experiences as Karen. I contacted them several times and got nowhere. I am reporting fraudulent charges today! This is not a kosher company. They should be hold accountable for bad business practices.

  4. I ordered my bag on Jan 7 and I just received it the week of April 10. They had a quality issue and are struggling to meet demand. The bag is smaller than I had envisioned it – the size of the smallest Birkin so it would not work as a beach bag. I used email to contact them and they were fairly responsive.

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