Review: THEFACESHOP Collagen Mask Sheets

 Posted by on November 15, 2010
Nov 152010

TheFaceShop Collagen Mask

Manufacturer ‘s Description: What is Collagen? An essential factor in the strength and elasticity of skin, collagen constitutes over 90% of deeper dermal layers and is responsible for keeping skin firm and hydrated resulting in smoother facial contours.

The concentrations of Collagen in this gentle mask sheet are effectively absorbed into skin to leave it firm and hydrated.

THEFACESHOP mask is an individually packaged and single use cotton soaked mask that form fits to your face. When I opened the package the mask was  dripping wet (almost too wet). I applied the mask to my face and I had hoped that during the 15 minute waiting period that it dry out a bit but it didn’t. The liquid from the mask ran down my face so I had to put a towel around my neck to prevent the drip from falling onto my clothes.

After the waiting period I removed the mask and gently dabbed my face dry as directed. My skin was soft but slightly filmy, almost like it needed to be washed again.

Overall there was no significant result that I can mention and the treatment was a bit messy so I won’t use it again. The mask was gentle enough for my sensitive skin so there was no issue with irritation but the results were less than stellar. The mask may be beneficial for those that have extremely dry skin but for me there was little improvement.

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  1. Was it expensive? Where can you get that?

    come check out my site if you have time. It’s really new so it’s a major work in progress.
    BTW I love skincare products!

  2. I’ve been a subscriber of your emails…unfortunately can’t get my feedburner enabled.

  3. I’m enjoying your honest reviews! I’ve had some good results with collagen moisturizers. Never used a mask, however.

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