Nov 052010

Rice Eclat Cleansing Oil by Envie De Neuf

Envie de Neuf Rice Eclat Cleansing Oil is a lavish treat for your face. The cleansing oil is enriched with rice and meristem extracts in an oil base. The rice extract contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help to moisturize and nourish the skin. The meristem is an added benefit as it’s used for it’s soothing anti-inflammatory properties. This formula is great for sensitive skin while still being effective enough to remove makeup and dirt.

The cleansing oil is applied to the face and massaged in a circular motion to dissolve impurities. Water is then added to emulsify the oil into a milky mixture and then rinsed clean with water. The biggest difference that I felt between this cleanser and others that I’ve used is that my skin felt more balanced. Sometimes cleansers can strip skin of it’s natural oils and cause dryness and/or an overproduction of oil. With the Rice Eclat Cleansing Oil my skin was left soft even without applying my serum and moisturizer. Rice Eclat Cleansing Oil is an excellent choice for sensitive skin and I highly recommend it.

Envie de Neuf Rice Eclat Cleansing Oil 11.83 fl.oz, $76


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  1. Cleaning oil is a wonderful idea as we get older instead of drying soaps and other cleasing agents.

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