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All Natural Shaving Cream - Pacific Shaving Company

The Pacific Shaving Company created a small line of natural and eco-friendly infused with essential oils and certified organic ingredients. Their All Natural Shaving Cream is fast becoming one of my favorite products mainly for it’s ingredients. This all natural formula contains aloe, shea butter, and sweet almond oil to keep you skin hydrated and smooth. White and Green Tea extracts were added for their anti-oxidant properties to protect against free-radical damage. The company even added Lavender which helps to calm skin.

All Natural Shaving Cream - Pacific Shaving Company

Pacific Shaving Company describes the formula as low-lather but I found that the formula was thick and lathered well. This shaving cream is a bit more dense than other brands so a little will go a long way.

The 3-oz. jar may seem quite small at first but you will get 40 shaves (or more) out of it, it’s nice and compact. The scent is extremely light and very “clean” smelling, you won’t notice it after application.

Overall the I would say that I loved the shaving cream. The texture, the scent and the all natural ingredients work harmoniously¬† together. Shaving was smooth and nick free and most importantly my skin didn’t feel dry afterwards. This is my first experience with the Pacific Shaving Company and it was great, I can’t wait to try the rest of their line!

All Natural Shaving Cream 3-oz., $8.95


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