Fall Fashion: Fur Vest Trendspotting

 Posted by on October 8, 2010
Oct 082010

Fur vests are HUGE this Fall but like most trends they’re here today and gone tomorrow. Here are my top 5 faux fur vest picks that won’t break your budget.  Each vest is stylish and under $100. This trend looks fabulous with jeans, long tees, jeggings and even dresses.

Du Monde "wolf" faux fur vest

Du Monde ‘Wolf’ Faux Fur Vest in richly stippled faux fur, $98 (Nordstrom)

Steve Madden Vest, Cropped Marbled Wolf

Cropped Marbled Wolf Vest, $78 (Steve Madden)

Via Spiga Quilted Faux Fur Vest

Via Spiga Quilted Faux Fur Vest, $98 (Nordstrom)

Charlotte Faux Fur Vest

Charlotte Faux Fur Vest, $54.50 (Delia’s)

Steve Madden O-Fur Multi Vest

O-Fur Multi Vest, $78 (Steve Madden)

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