Miu Miu World Domination!

 Posted by on September 30, 2010
Sep 302010

Miu Miu Marina Bay Sands

Attention Southeast Asia!! The Italians are coming, the Italians are coming!! And we’re not talking about the Jersey Shore variety either. Prada’s sister label Miu Miu has just opened a flagship store in Singapore. This is their 41st flagship location opening, wow! In celebration of the stores’ grand opening, Miu Miu has created an exclusive special edition bag that will only be sold at the Singapore location in prestigious Marina Bay Sands Mall.

Miu Miu Marina Bay Sands Special Edition handbag

This handbag is so exclusive that only 50 pieces (in 9 colors) have been created. I adore this bag but I think that I love the exclusivity of it even more, it’s a unique accessory that most people won’t have. So if anyone over in Singapore has an extra $1700 laying around, please run don’t walk to the Marina Bay Sands Mall. This is an investment that is worth it’s weight in gold and if you suffer from regretsy you can mail the bag to me. ;)

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  1. Love that bag. Really timeless style and colour.

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