New York Fashion Week Backstage: Lacoste S/S 2011

 Posted by on September 14, 2010
Sep 142010


Here is a behind the scenes sneak peek at NY Fashion Week beauty: For the Spring 2011 Lacoste show on Saturday at the Lincoln Center Theatre, lead Redken hairstylist Luke Hersheson created a beautiful, sleek look that was inspired by Bo Derek’s braids in the 1970’s.  “This look is essentially a ponytail with a braid around the hairline; it gives a cute, fun, sexy edge to sportswear. The Body Full Volume Amplifier gives the braid great hold without becoming hard or sticky.” – Luke Hersheson

Lacoste 2011

Products Used:

·       Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier

·       Redken glass 01 smoothing serum

Lacoste 2011

Here are the steps for a DIY braid:

1.      Create a deep, straight side part, combing both sections very straight and clipping the smaller section back behind the ear.

2.      Spritz the larger section with Body Full Volume Amplifier, saturating the hair, especially at the back, so that it looks smooth and tight.

3.       At the part, start a small French braid that follows the hairline across the crown and then split it into two regular plaits after you can no longer add hair to the braid, and secure ends with mini elastics.

4.      Make a similar small French braid on the other side of the part following the same pattern, being sure to spritz first with the Body Full Volume Amplifier.

5.      Gather the hair and both braids into a tight side ponytail on the opposite side as the part.

6.      Give the look a sleek finish by smoothing glass 01 smoothing serum over the crown and braids.

Lacoste 2011

[images courtesy of Redken]

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  1. This a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I think plaits look great, especially in hair that’s full of different tones and colours.

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