Review: Pantene Damage Repair Ampoules

 Posted by on August 31, 2010
Aug 312010

In another post I discussed how Pantene has changed their look and their formula to create customized solutions for various hair care needs. I’d always liked Pantene because it smelled great and it left my hair clean, soft and smooth. I wasn’t sure how they could improve on the scent but they did, the new formula smells even better! My hair happens to fit the Medium-thick and color treated models so I have used products from those lines. For someone like me who happens to have dry, thick and color treated hair I need to use a rich conditioner as well as a deep conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. After a recent trip to the gym I decided to give their Medium-thick Damage Repair Ampoules a shot and see what it could do for my hair. I used the ampoule not only as my deep conditioner but as the only conditioner that I was going to apply to my hair that day.

This damage repair formula comes in a 5 pack of single use ampoules. After washing my hair I applied one ampoule, worked it in thoroughly to the ends using a wide tooth comb and left it in for five minutes. The ampoule (pictured above) is a pretty small container (.34 oz) so I had hoped that it was enough to condition my hair and it was (if your hair is longer than your shoulders you may need 2 ampoules). I let my hair air dry and gave it a touch and it was silky smooth, much less frizzy. I would recommend this treatment because I have extremely dry hair and after using the damage repair formula (without applying any other conditioner) there was a noticeable difference in the appearance of my hair; it was much softer, shinier and less frizzy.

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  1. I have natural curly hair very curly, I have use the pantene ampoule I really like it, has it been discountinue at Target Stores ? I have been looking forward in continuing to use it but I cant find it at Target anymore.

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