Shu Uemura Florescent Fall Makeup

 Posted by on August 11, 2010
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There are just some things that I lust for and makeup palettes are one of those things. Palettes are an easy way to care your favorite essentials in a neat (pretty) little case. Shu Uemura has two gorgeous eye and cheek palettes for the Fall, Florescent makeup by Uchiide. The first of these two floral set is the Graceful Bloom Palette which includes four pressed eyeshadows, two cream eyeshadow/eye liners, a cream blush and two applicators. This palette features a beautiful gradation of purple shades and an accent of green and yellow, just like a flower!

shu uemura graceful bloom palette

Graceful Bloom Palette

The second palette for the Fall is the Dreamy Petal palette which is much warmer with shades of red, pinks and gold. This palette also includes four pressed eyeshadows, two cream eyeshadow/eye liners, a cream blush and two applicators

shu uemura dreamy petal palette

Dreamy Petal Palette

To top off this fantasy floral inspired look, Shu Uemura brings out Partial Floral Feather eyelashes. These lashes combine purple and red “feathers” to give the illusion of fluttering petals with each blink. These lashes will give you that wow factor when you really want your eyes to “pop”.

With purple being HUGE this Fall, the Graceful Bloom palette should be a big hit. I love how the outside of the palette is beautifully decorated with floral designs bringing the theme of the palette full circle. I am looking forward to Fall especially for the beautiful makeup and fashion that I love so much. Which of these two palettes is your favorite?

shu eumura partial floral feather eyelashes

Partial Feather Floral Eyelashes

Each limited edition palette retails for $65 and the eyelashes retail for $25. All products are available on the Shu Uemura website.

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  1. Gorgeous palettes, may have to put these on the christmas list, my bank account is looking rather thin at the moment LOL

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