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 Posted by on July 31, 2010
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Bigen hair color

It started when I was 16 years old just out of the blue, I wanted change, and I wanted a new look. So it was then that I had decided to dye my hair. My natural hair color is a deep dark brown, not a chestnut brown but more a dark bark color. My hairstylist at the time informed me that my hair color was mousy and I should consider coloring it or adding highlights to brighten it up. At the time I didn’t take his advice but I was already familiar with the process since I helped my mom (who is handicapped) to dye her hair several times a year. Well over the course of the years my hair has seen numerous shades, everything from blond highlights to browns to reds. In my twenties I settled on black hair, I really loved how a strong lip color can “pop” against the contract of black hair. I also continued to dye my hair because I saw my first gray hair at the ripe old age of 21. Needless to say I have tried and tested every hair color on the block. I’ve been dying my hair since my teen years and I have continued to do so into my 30s.

Bigen Permanent Powder hair color

I recently tried a new hair color by the name of Bigen. I was intrigued since the product states that it’s ammonia free, peroxide free and there is no harsh odor. One thing that I don’t enjoy about dying my hair is the scent that it leaves behind so I was really looking forward to trying something new. Bigen hair color is recommended for those that are looking to darken their hair or to cover gray hair, the colors range from Auburn to Deep Burgundy. I tried Rich Medium Brown color, which is in the range that I usually get. So, here’s what’s included in the box:

Bigen inside the box

In this hair color kit you get the Bigen Powder, a measuring tray and gloves. Unfortunately there was no conditioning packet that I usually get in other kits that I’ve tried.

Bigen hair color powder

Pictured above is the Bigen hair color powder which is activated with water. When I saw how much (or rather how little) powder there was I was a bit concerned. The package insert indicated that one box is enough for touch ups but long hair may require two boxes. I have shoulder length hair and I was only doing a touch up on my roots so I hoped that this would be enough.

Bigen mixed formula

I mixed the hair color with the proper amount of water and the mixture turned into a gel like consistency (see above). From glancing at the mixture I was not sure that this would be enough to cover my roots – and I was right! I was only able to cover the front, the sides and the crown of my hair before I ran out of the hair color. Luckily for me, I only hair a few strand in the front of my hair but of course I wanted to cover all of my roots for a consistent color.

The pros are that the color formula works, is gentle and really is odor free. My little gray “friends” now match the rest of my hair and my hair does not smell like ammonia or any kind of chemical. The hair color is easy to use, left my hair soft and took care of my little gray problem (mostly). The cons are that compared to other at home kits there is just simply not enough product, so long haired girls be forewarned that you will probably need at least 4 boxes to color your hair.

Bigen Hair Color retails for $4.99 (0.21 fl. oz/ 6g) and can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Sally’s Beauty, CVS and other fine retailers.

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  5 Responses to “Review: Bigen Hair Color”

  1. I appreciate your honest review. Sounds like a good product. My hairdresser told me the one I use has the same strength as oven cleaner!

  2. If you mix the bigen according to the box instructions, then it won’t be enough. My trick for using Bigen is to get a 4oz applicator bottle from the beauty supply store (that’s the size that comes in most hair color kits), pour the powder into the empty bottle, then fill the bottle with luke warm water, shake well. Doing it this way stretches the amount of Bigen color that you can get from one bottle of power and the coverage is much better when you use the applicator bottle versus the mixing bowl and brush that the package suggest.

    My hair clients never complain about my method and they love the results. I hope this tip is helpful :-)

    • Thanks for the tip, I wish I would have thought of that! I will give it another try because I really liked it, it just wasn’t enough for all of my hair.

  3. I have used Bigen for years. It’s not really new but maybe new in the US. You will find it does NOT fade anywhere near as quickly as ammonia-based color products. It is a wonderful product for stink-free PERMANENT hair color. It will grow out before it fades out. The reds do fade more than the darker colors, but that is a feature of all reds. This is an excellent coloring product and I hope it becomes more widely available. I buy mine at the oriental grocery where it’s usually about $2 cheaper than in Sally’s or places like that.

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