Sex and the City Bra Strap collection

 Posted by on July 21, 2010
Jul 212010

Sex and the City Bra Strap Collection

HBO and designer Lydia Bravo have teamed up to bring us the Sex and the City bra strap collection. There is a different color bra strap for each Sex and the City star and each one is adorned with Swarovski crystal. It’s no surprise that Swarovski crystals were used since Swarovski had partnered with “Sex and the City 2” on jewelry and accessories for the film. The bra straps colors for the Sex and the City ladies are:

Samantha ~ Crystal

Charlotte ~ Pink

Carrie ~ Gold

Miranda ~ Iridescent

Personally I don’t know that I would wear them as bra straps since I’m not a fan of strapless bras in the first place. I would however wear them with something like a tube top for an evening out. These straps are just adorable and attention grabbing, I can just see myself sparkling the night away with pink Swarovski crystals gracing my shoulders and light bouncing off of them at my every turn. These are absolutely fabulous!

The collection will be available this Fall at the HBO Shop in NYC and – $142 per set

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