Brow Doctor to the rescue!

 Posted by on July 12, 2010
Jul 122010

Brow Doctor

One of my new favorite beauty items is Brow Doctor by Beauty Society. Brow Doctor is a clear formula that you can use to tame your unruly brows into beautiful submission. The best part is that in about 4 weeks Brow Doctor enhances your eyebrows! In my early 20s my brows were plucked and waxed within an inch of their lives all for the sake of trendiness *sigh* and ever since they have not been as lush as they once used to be. Now with the help of amino acids, peptides and conditioners Brow Doctor coaxes your brows to reach their full potential without using harmful parabens or prostaglandins.

What I love about this product is that it did not leave my browns stiff or unnatural looking. Each hair was carefully laid down and groomed to perfection. This is my first week trying the product so I am anxious to see what the results will be like. I’m crossing my fingers for fuller sexy brows.

Brow Doctor by Beauty Society retails for $28 and can be purchased at

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  1. It looks great – you have to let us know if it works though. Sometimes they promise the moon but all you get is an expensive tube of eye-brow gel, if you know what I mean.

  2. I have used this product before, having the same over-tweezed problem and a bald spot. Brow Doctor is amazing, it completely helped grow in my brows and fill in the bald spot. Follow the directions and use it EVERYDAY, also take a pic before you start to see the improvement, sometimes we forget what we look like.

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