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 Posted by on July 7, 2010
Jul 072010


Today, like yesterday was a scorcher in NYC with temperatures exceeding over 100 degrees. So today was a day that I had to do without my makeup, there was simply no way that I was putting on a “full face” or makeup and brave the heat. My skin is very oily and even more so in the summer so I try not to apply to much makeup because with work I do not always have to time to touch up or re-apply. I’ve been holding on to my L’Oreal Studio SecretsProfessional Magic Perfecting Base for some time because I already have a wide selection of primers. I wanted to do my usual “5 minute” makeup job which consists of a little concealer, loose powder, mascara, lip gloss and voila, I’m out the door. But today as I was going through my makeup case, I decided to give this product a try.

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

From what I’d read the base is long lasting, controls oil, diminishes pores and smooths skin – ok that sounds good. This base can be worn alone or with makeup – ok sounds even better. I put the product to the test and decided to apply a little and see how it all worked out in this stifling heat. I applied the magic perfecting base to my face and upon application it felt as though I had dusted my face with translucent powder. My skin did look much smoother so I felt that I would certainly be able to use this formula without makeup, in fact it’s a great alternative to wearing makeup. I love the matte finish that my skin had and it was noticeably less oily.

Overall I think that L’Oreal Studio SecretsProfessional Magic Perfecting Base is a great product. One thing that I must mention is that the jar is .5 oz, which is quite small. The base costs approximately $12.99, which is a little pricey for such a small size. A plus is that this base is available at your local drugstore so it’s easily to pickup and you won’t have far to search when you run out. Is it magic? Perhaps. Is it worth having in your makeup bag? Absolutely!

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