shu uemura: tokyo lash bar

 Posted by on June 17, 2010
Jun 172010

shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

shu uemura is giving us cyber fantasy meets sexy fashion with their new Tokyo Lash Bar eyelashes. These lashes are guaranteed to get you noticed! Take a look below to discover what shu uemura has in store:

shu eumura neo sparkle
Neo Sparkle

Neo Sparkle lashes are coated with a diamond-like glitter on each strand and retail for $65.

shu eumura neo fringe
Neo Fringe

Neo Fringe lashes feature a double set of lashes (upper and lower) and come in either gold or silver. This set of lashes retails for $65.

shu eumura neo reflector
Neo Reflector

The Neo Reflector lashes remind me if disco balls! These silver coated lashes feature moon shaped sequins that are out of this world. The Neo Reflectors retail for $65.

shu eumura natural volume
Natural Volume

The Natural Volume lashes are for ladies that want more of an everyday volumizer which is closer to the look or real lashes.  This set retails for $20.

shu eumura slim partial
Slim Partial

The Slim Partial set is an excellent option if you want to add just a few lashes for a little more enhancement with a natural look. This set retails for $12.

shu eumura slim flare
Slim Flare

The Slim Flare set offers three different size lashes for a fully customized look and retails for $12.

I must say that the Neo Reflectors are my favorite by far. These are lashes that I would expect to see Lady Gaga rockin‘ out with at one of her concerts. The lashes are fresh, modern and fun which I why I adore them.

Which ones are your favorite?

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  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Falsies (would actually wear them everyday if I could) I love the first pair (sparkle) but would most def have to think twice before spending 65 bucks on them :/

    Thanks for the post!

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