The Makeup Show NYC – Part II

 Posted by on May 18, 2010
May 182010

As you know, The Makeup Show NYC is such a huge event that it’s really hard to take it all in and digest all of the information, check out what’s new and build community within the world of beauty and makeup. While I was there I made sure to make my way around each of the booths to speak with the company representatives and to see what they had to offer. I would have to say that I was pretty successful however there were certain booths that we extremely busy even though  arrived right at 9am sharp.

While at the show I came across a product line that I haven’t heard of before, it’s called Mai Couture. They offer a 2 in 1 oil blotting/bronzing paper. I sampled this product at the show and I really liked it, it was very subtle on my complexion. Here’s what it looks like:

Mai Couture blotting bronzing sheets

Another fun and innovative product that I was able to try was from Beauty for Real. This created a product perfect for the diva on the go who wants to do a quick touch up on her lipgloss. This gloss comes complete with an LED light and a mirror, everything that you need to look amazing on the go.

Beauty For Real LED lipgloss

L’Oreal had a booth where they had plenty of testers available for the HD makeup. I was even able to pick up a few samples to try out, unfortunately they did not have any makeup for purchase.

L'Oreal the makeup show NYC

I loved these oil blotting sheets from Makeup Mania, you can tear off as much or as little as you need. How handy is that?!

Makeup Mania oil blotting sheet

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is a makeup brand that uses ocean minerals to keep skin hydrated. I sampled their mineral foundation at the booth, loved how smooth it was on my skin. This is a line that I need to take a closer look at.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

There were may well known brands at the show such as Stila, their booth was packed and many of the items were selling out as I waited in line, right before my eyes. This palette was very pretty but there were 4 left when I arrived and the woman in front of me purchased them all.

Stila the Makeup Show 2010

Stila The Makeup Show

In addition to the brands represented, there were several business forums and professional development workshops. I attended the Forum with Tegan Taylor the digital makeup artist for films such as Avatar and A Christmas Carol. I also sat in on several of the other business forums and demonstrations, I learned quite a bit about new products and makeup application. The Makeup Show is an event that really aims to educate and inspire those within the beauty industry and it really is a must attend event unlike anything else. I give it 5 stars all the way!

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  1. so many pretty things… ahhh…

  2. So many great things to see and great people to meet. It was great meeting you. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Do you know I never knew this existed omg! Ive also added you to my blog roll!

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