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I recently purchased a beauty kit that included an Amarté skincare product. I was not at all familiar with the brand so with a little research I learned that Amarté creates products based on ancient Korean medicinal principles. The brand is also well known and respected in South Korea, so why not give it a try?

Plus, my dermatologist recommended that I use serums as part of my skin care regime which I have incorporated into my routine with great results. This specific hydrating serum is a humectant which basically means that it attracts water and keeps it in and this is very important not only for dry skin but also for oily skin (and I have sensitive/combination skin).

Amarté Aqua Veil Review

Although there are several ingredients listed on the front of the box, the most noticeable scent is the cucumber which you immediately smell when you open the tube. The scent is extremely light and not at all overwhelming – in fact it’s very pleasant.

The serum is water based and feels amazingly cool upon application. I truly loved how it felt on my skin, it’s light, refreshing and left my skin soft and not sticky. This product is meant to use under a moisturizer and it’s certainly light enough to do that. I often hesitate to layer products because I don’t want to clog my pores but with this formula being as light as it is I was not at all concerned.

Amarté Aqua Veil, $44 for 2.2 fl. oz. Is it worth the price? I would say absolutely.

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  1. Ooh, cucumber…how nice.

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