Is Jonathan a Smooth Operator ?

 Posted by on May 9, 2010
May 092010

jonathan frizz serum

Like many women humidity is not my friend. I wish that I could say that a day at the beach is just that but I can’t because at the end of the day my hair falls short. Even when I wore my hair naturally curly it still got frizzy. With that being said, I’ve tried several anti-frizz serums and often found that many of them were sticky and my hair felt coated and heavy. Recently I purchased Jonathan Create Smooth Anti-Frizz Volumizing Serum. This product was a bit different because I noticed right away that it was 100% vegan and I thought “wow, that’s different”. Some of the main ingredients are aloe, white Ginger, lemongrass water, almond extract and basil. The scent is very light and disappears within a few minutes of application.

Jonathan Antin serum

I liked that the serum was not at as heavy as some of the other anti-frizz products that I tried. My hair did not feel sticky or tacky after I dried it so that was a plus. I tried the product with my hair wet and then let it dry naturally and then I tried it in my hair wet and blow dried it and the latter worked better for me. My hair gets quite frizzy so I try not to blow dry and let it dry naturally but without the blow dryer my hair was still a bit frizzy. I like this serum for the times that I need to blow dry my hair because it helps to smooth it out, for the times that I let my hair dry naturally I’d probably have to pass. The directions state that you need to apply a small amount in your hair and style as usual but I had to use at least 3 dime sized amounts in my shoulder length hair.

This product retails for $26 and is available at Sephora or online on sites such as

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  1. You read my mind. I like the first line about a day at the beach. I feel you! Thank you for the product tip.

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