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I like blush, in fact I like it almost as much as I like bronzer. For me blush is the perfect way to brighten up my face when I want a nice and healthy glow. Some days I’m just not into the whole primer, foundation, powder bit, you know? On those days I wear a little blush, gloss and mascara; it’s quick and easy and I’m out the door (especially when I’m running late). I decided to go to my favorite beauty haunt and see what was in stock that I haven’t tried before. – no easy task. :) I asked one of the sales ladies if she could recommend a new product to try and she suggested MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Blush. I took a look at the bottle and thought that it was a bit small and that I would not get much out of it but I quickly saw that one pump would go a long way. In fact I only needed half a pump for both cheeks!

make up for ever HD blush

This blush is highly pigmented so you only need very little but unfortunately the container is going to pump out more than you are probably going to need…so press lightly. This formula is creamy as very easy to apply with a brush or your fingertips. When it dries it leaves quite a luminous finish and it stays on for hours, yes hours. I didn’t need to reapply while at work, the color stayed true throughout the day.

make up for ever HD blush

The blush comes in 14 colors, most of which were sold out when I was at the store (not surprising). I was able to try out the shades that were there and I opted for #9 – In the Spotlight. This color is supposed to be a nude but it’s pretty intense, more like a light/medium brown. Either way, I liked how it looked on my complexion so I decided to purchase it. The little bottle will last me quite a long time so it’s worth the price especially since I adore the rich colors and easy application. The only thing that I would change is the pump, less product needs to come out or allow for more control in dispensing the product. Overall this is a good buy if you love blush and want something with a lot of staying power (this blush delivers).

make up for ever HD blush swatch

#9 - "In the Spotlight" swatch

This blush is sold exclusively at Sephora and retails for $25 for a 0.33 oz bottle.

  3 Responses to “Review: High Definition Beauty with MAKE UP FOR EVER blush”

  1. With 14 shades, there’s bound to be something for everyone.
    I, too, like to take a break from foundation on weekends. I feel like our skin needs to breathe once in a while.

  2. I LOVE blush and bronzer. I can’t wait to try this out…maybe I should get it before the 15% off offer is over :)
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is nice. Can you post a pic with it on your cheeks? They also sell it at the MUFE boutique in the city.

    http://makeupbykim-porter.com/blog (you may have to change your links)

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