Apr 012010

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Everyday we work hard to pay our bills, put food on our tables and accomplish the goals that we’ve set for ourselves. This is one of the main reasons why I feel that Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury”. Every once in a while we need to reward ourselves for the hard work and sacrifices that we make on a day to day basis. So whether you treat yourself to an expensive (but worthy) makeup bag, a new makeup palette or a Chanel tote – I say hey you are truly worth it. Why work hard if you cannot reap the rewards? Treating yourself well is not just about the material luxuries of life but also taking care of your bodies. If you do not take care of yourself how can you take care of the kids, your hubby, your wife or even your goldfish?

I frequently get manicures, make trips to the salon and get facials whenever I can. Sure sometimes these treatments can be expensive and may not always fit into your budget, after all these are tough economic times. Well ladies (and gents) this is where Spa Week comes it. Spa Week is the glorious week of April 12-18, 2010 where you can get $50 spa treatments at approximately 800 spas throughout the US (and Canada) including (but not limited to) New York, Virginia, Florida, California, Nevada, New Jersey and several other states. Ladies you can treat yourself to everything from Botox to ear candling to laser hair removal to vajazzing. I was quite happily surprised at the extensive list of participating spas and services available. I plan on partaking in a 60 minute hot stone massage since I’m always in need of some relaxation after a long day at work. A trip to the spa is not just a luxury as there are many healthful benefits such as stress relief, detox and healthy skin (depending on the treatment). When you feel good you look good and this is important to your overall mental well being. When a person takes care of themselves it helps to improve their body image and their self esteem. So take a moment or an hour out of your busy life to do something fabulous for yourself, you deserve it.

To check out the participating spas go to http://www.spaweek.com/ and then book your appointment.

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  1. Wonderful post. When people say they can’t afford to pamper themselves, I think “you can’t affort NOT to”.

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