Mar 252010

SEPHORA Skin care challenge

Sephora wants everyone to have great skin in four easy steps:

1.     Cleanse
2.     Treat
3.     Moisturize
4.     Protect

Sephora Skincare Challenge

From March 25th through April 14th Sephora pros will assist you in finding the right products for your skin. To take part in this special simply sign up for the Beauty Insider Program and you will receive your Skincare Challenge Card. Each time that you purchase a facial skincare item you will receive a stamp on your card, collect 4 stamps and you will receive a FREE personalized sample bag. So be sure to stop by your local Sephora to participate in this great challenge, you’ll earn some pretty cool swag!

  One Response to “Sephora Says: It pays to have beautiful skin!”

  1. I really need to get my skin cleared. I think I’m going to try these steps!! thanks for the info girl!

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