Aromatherapy: Heaven Scent!

 Posted by on March 18, 2010
Mar 182010

Sleep Scentsations

Sleep Scentsations brings us a new way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. These scented pillow liners are infused with essential oils and fragrance oils to create a relaxed mood. The scent menu includes six categories: Botanical, Wellness, Fresh, Aromatherapy and Exotic. Among my favorites were the Botanical scents which include White Tea & Lily and Wild Flowers, the Aromatherapy menu includes Bliss which is a delicate harmony of Mandarin and Vanilla. There are also Sensual Scents like My Boyfriends Shirt which is a blend of sandalwood, musk and Jasmine; there are 12 scents in all.

Each liner is individually wrapped making it easy for travel, which I love. I feel that a product like this is versatile because not only can you use it for a good nights rest but you can also add the liner to your lingerie drawer, use it to keep your closet fresh or even place it where you store your laundry for a fresh beautiful scent. Personally I prefer to use it to line my drawers because there’s nothing that I enjoy more than putting on fresh clean clothes with a beautiful scent that lingers. Just imagine breaking out your swimsuit after it’s been in your drawer lined with a Day at the Beach – a scent mixture of the ocean breeze, suntan oil and warm sand. You’ll feel like you’re at the beach before you even get there. Yum!

When I initially opened the foil packet, I noticed that the liner had a very strong scent. Once applied it to my pillow case the scent was diffused, so if you try these liners do not be alarmed if the scent seems a bit heavy at first. The liners are not meant to be directly in contact with your nose, face or skin but rather placed inside your pillow case. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these scents were and I hope that this company continues to give us even more options. Each set of Sleep Scentsations liners retail at $14.99 with the exception of the Wellness liners which retail for $19.99 per set. Each scented pillow liner lasts for about 4-6 days, well worth for the investment for this little luxury!

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