Getting Lippy: Purple Lab Huge Lips Skinny Hips

 Posted by on February 21, 2010
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Huge Lips Skinny Hips

I was given a tube of a new lip gloss called Huge Lips Skinny Hips by creatrix Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab NYC. Immediately I loved the name, I mean what woman doesn’t want full lips and a slim waistline! This gloss is a lip plumper and it also contains Hoodia (an appetite suppressant). The shade that I got to sample was Red Sole which is named after Karen’s love of Christian Louboutin shoes, it’s a sheer red color with a little bit of sparkle.

Purple Lab Red Sole

Red Sole

The other shades are called Kitty Pole Dancer (Pink), No Panty Lines (Clear) and Worship Kate (Mauve), tres chic! Like the beauty junkie that I am, I was intrigued…how could I not try it out? The names were catchy, the packaging was sexy and the tube design was clean and sleek.  I am not a red lip kind of gal but this red was very subtle, in fact I had to swipe the gloss on a few times to get a rich color. The formula is pretty thin, not thick like most glosses on the market. However what I found different about this gloss was that it smelled phenomenal and tasted even better and this is what makes it stand apart from other similar products.

I do not use lip plumpers because I was blessed with naturally full lips but I would still buy this product because it made my lips super soft and luxurious. I have tried other lip plumpers in the past if I liked the color but most of them stung my lips, this one didn’t.  However I did not notice that my lips were not any fuller but they were a lot softer. Also as I mentioned earlier, the product contains Hoodia which is known as an appetite suppressant, I can’t say that this actually works because the tiny amount ingested would not be enough to curb your appetite and plus the product is so yummy that it made me want to lick my lips! Overall it’s a pretty good product and worth the dough especially if you have dry lips. You can get your taste of beauty and purchase your very own gloss on the HSN website for $22.

Purple Lab

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  1. Love the inventiveness behind this brand!

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