Plump Up Fine Lines with Kinerase!

 Posted by on December 28, 2009
Dec 282009

I have been a fanatic about my skin care ever since I can remember, so when I spotted my first  laugh line believe me it was no laughing matter. I was showing signs of aging! Honestly I was really surprised that at my age my skin was showing signs of damage (but being a former smoker I’m sure that didn’t help). I considered getting cosmetic fillers like Juvederm to help recover some of the smoothness that I was losing but that’s an investment that I was not quite ready to make. Besides I was a little terrified that it would hurt too much!

I’d tried a multitude of products but none of them seemed to reverse the damage…that is until I tried Kinerase Advanced Repair Serum. This product states that it will dramatically reduce the depth of wrinkles in 30-days – well ladies I started seeing results within a week!  I am usually skeptical about products that make such dramatic claims but I am happy to say this anti-aging product DOES deliver.

The serum also claims to help reduce blotchiness and discoloration but I have not yet seen results in those two areas. I mainly started using the serum around my “parentheses” so that’s where my focus was, the fine lines that I was starting to develop.

Kinerase is known to use plant extracts; this particular product uses Zeatin (a powerful plant-derived antioxidant). Studies have shown that Zeatin has helped to improve skin roughness, texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The cost of this product certainly ain’t cheap, for a .5 fl oz bottle it’s going to cost you around $115. But I’ve seen this product on Amazon for approximately $80 but on most skin care sites its in the $100+ price range. Even though this product is very expensive, it’s certainly less expensive than getting a cosmetic filler. So would I recommend this product Absolutely…great skin is no luxury!

Have you tried any Kinerase products?

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