Jul 172015


Where there’s a mirror, there’s a face feeling inferior. You’ll wake up, shuffle to the bathroom and catch a glance in that glass before you’ve even had the chance to wash your rough visage.

Sagging skin, darkened eyes and hair with about as much volume as broken speakers – style isn’t a word people would readily associate with you.

Because good health and well-applied makeup is all part of the fashion game. Just imagine if Cara Delevingne couldn’t apply her eyebrows properly – we’d be living in a world of chaos.

So what products can you use to match your style aspirations with cosmetic quality?

Crème de la crème

So many people have hair that major high street shampoos can’t (or won’t) cater to. Instead of leaving frizzy hair tamed, some shampoos leave them worse than when they started.

That’s why you’ve got to take your hair into your hands, with a product like Wen styling crème.

Available from Wen’s website, this crème is rubbed onto hair after rinsing it of conditioner. Once it’s set, you’ll enjoy follicles that are shiny and frizz-free.

While most products imply they’ve got some kind of miraculous quality, this crème really can tame even the frizziest of manes. Give it a go.

Luscious Lush

Lush has been trading ethical soaps for well over a decade, taking on places like the Body Shop and beating them at their own game.

Hundreds of products are available from the store chain, and almost all do their best to contain natural ingredients. Animal testing is proudly eschewed, farmers are paid fairly and no one in the top bracket of leadership is paid an extravagant amount.

The company even won the Observer Moral Company of the Year award. While you won’t directly feel more fashionable when you use their products, you will have a keen sense of the ethical advantages your purchase has made.


You might have used turmeric as an ingredient in your meals. But did you know it has a brilliant application in style?

Used in India for centuries, turmeric can be great for brightening and evening out the complexion, providing you with an excellent base before you apply any other makeup.

Moreover, this fantastic concoction is jam-packed with antioxidants, fighting free radicals and making your skin far healthier.

In terms of natural ways to help your skin, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Got any more fashionable ways to improve your hair or skin? Then let us know!

By Kevin Fullerton

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