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Don’t Live The Same Year 75 Times and Call It A Life.”  –Robin Sharma

It’s no secret that I love what I do, so I wanted to share a few fun facts about Stella & Dot:

  • 73% of our Stella & Dot field has never done social sales before.
  • 80% of our stylists work another full or part time job.
  • We only have 1 stylist for every 5500 customers!
  • 87% of women surveyed said they’d be interested in a self-employment, working from home job opportunity.

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Valentine’s Day Style

Valentine's Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is next week and it is not too late to plan your date night outfit. I adore a feminine, flirty dress for nights out on the town paired with chic, stylish jewelry.

Jacqueline Tassel Lariat, ($69.00) – Classic lariat style with a geometric adjustable sliding detail and trendy chain tassels. Play with different lengths to fit your individual style. Vintage Gold Finish.

Covet Waverly Bag, ($228) – An iconic Stella & Dot style now in luxurious, soft stone leather. Custom hardware with hand wrapped leather tassel. Adjustable strap length, and convenient versatility to be worn four ways. Wear with strap attached and bag folded to display beautiful hardware details or with a minimal exterior. Next expand and attach strap at top of bag for added room and lastly, remove strap for an evening clutch. Custom jacquard lining with signature lurex detailing. Top zip closure, one large exterior zip pocket, and two diagonal zip pockets.

Ansley Cuff, ($44) – Hand set pave set in semi shiny gold forms a stunning open malleable cuff. Semi Shiny Gold Finish.

Illusive Hoop Earring, ($34) – Delicate chain drapes between two semi shiny gold hoops. The perfect balance between simple and statement.Semi Shiny Gold Finish.

Wishing Bracelet – Protective Eye, ($19) – Strength, positivity, and protection. A protective eye charm hangs from a hand braided gold and silver thread with a semi-shiny gold bar and a touch of sparkle. Semi Shiny Gold and Shiny Gold Plating.


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Disclosure: I’m an independent stylist with Stella & Dot.

How DIY Organic Face Moisturizing Kit by Oleum Vera Benefits Your Skin

What is the key to have a healthy happy skin? There’s no need to rack your brains, as we all know moisturizing is an integral part for keeping the skin glowing. Oleum Vera, a Canadian beauty brand is taking huge leaps to ensure that your skin heals and gets nourished with the help of organic oils. The facial skin is extremely sensitive and it takes great effort to keep it blemish free. The worst thing that you can do with your skin is use chemical based products that further damage your skin.

Essential Oils and Plant Based Oils in the Organic Kit Moisturizes the Skin in a Natural Way

In order to provide a healthy alternative to the harsh chemicals used in commercial products, Oleum Vera has released a completely organic kit that contains essential oils and plant based oils. Marula, jojoba, glycerin, tamanu, pomegranate seed, vitamin E (non-GMO), tea tree, frankincense, geranium, and lavender oils are part of the kit. These oils can be mixed to formulate skin toners and moisturizer serums that heal and repair the skin in a natural way. The kit also contains a recipe book that guides you in creating these serums and toners.

Here is how DIY organic face moisturizing kit benefits your skin and treats a host of skin problems.

  1. Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry and sensitive skins are extremely hard to take care of but the DIY face moisturizing kit by Oleum Vera contains organic oils that benefits such skin types greatly. Skin redness and inflammation is often treated with chamomile essential oil. Peppermint oil also has a cooling effect on the skin. With the help of the recipes that come along with the organic kit, skin freshener containing peppermint and chamomile oil can be made for dry and sensitive skin.

  2. Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Oily and acne prone skin also need moisturizing and nourishment. There’s a common misconception that people with oily skin do not require moisturizer. The fact of the matter is that an ideal organic moisturizer created from essential oils and plant-based oils actually reduces the sebum production and cleans the clogged pores. Jojoba oil is a natural way to cure acne prone skin and remove the marks. Jojoba oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Jojoba oil and tea tree oils can be mixed together to create a concoction that treats acne spots.

    3. Aging Skin

Geranium oil is natural astringent. It helps in tightening the skin and reducing the wrinkles. The kit contains the recipe to make gentle geranium serum. The botanical and organic serum is an effective anti-aging. Geranium essential oil also works as a muscle toner and it can be mixed with jojoba carrier oil which moisturizes the skin in a way that prevents the skin from sagging.

Apart from treating the aforementioned skin problems, the kit also contains recipes for moisturizing normal and combination skin types with natural ingredients like lemon and cucumber mixed with essential oils and plant-based oils to create a potent concoction that makes your facial skin supple and fresh.

Chic Holiday Gifts Under $100

Last minute holiday shopping


It’s not too late to get your holiday gift shopping done -in a stylish way. Stella & Dot has some amazingly chic gifts that you or the lady in your life will love.

Here are my top 5 pics:

City Slim Clutch Pewter Exotic ($59)  – Grab this envelope clutch to complement a cocktail dress, or keep it easy and wear cross body by adding our Versatile Chain in silver that also doubles as a necklace! Toss in your cash, cards and lip gloss and you’re ready for a chic night out.

Fontaine Cuff ($69) – Delicate hand-set micro pave inlaid on an intricate geometric gunmetal design. Bold yet delicate.

Renegade Cluster Bracelet ($59) – White bronze or gold plated spikes and black diamond pave beads adorn this Renegade cluster studded bracelet. Mix, match, and stack it with other bracelets to create your favorite combination. Gold colorway as seen on singer Katy Perry.

Rebel Pendant –  A hinged shiny silver or gold plated prism of brass swings from a silver or gold plated delicate brass chain. Available silver and gold.

Reversible Crossover Scarf  ($69) – Black Cable Knit- Three-way versatility makes this scarf the perfect winter accessory. Custom solid black, cable knit pattern reverses to soft and cozy grey faux fur. Pull through slit functionality to adjust loop, as well as hook-and-eye to wear as a shawl.

If you’d like help styling a few looks, please message me here.

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Top Tips for Looking Sensational In A Red Prom Dress

Do you have your heart set on a red prom dress? Maybe you’re not quite sure if a red dress fits your style or not, or if you can pull off a red dress. Follow these helpful tips to look sensational in a red prom dress!

What Wearing a Red Dress Means

Red is a positive and warm color that radiates a powerful and strong persona. Wearing a red dress can do wonders for your confidence and is often associated with love and passion.

Will a Red Prom Dress Be Right for You?

If you feel that you are a passionate and strong person, then, yes, a red prom dress will be ideal. Check out www.promdressshop.com by clicking the link to see the range of red dresses.

What About Matching a Red Dress with Your Skin Tone?

The good news is that everybody can wear red, just as long as they choose the right hue for their skin tone.

Cool skin tones – if you have a cool skin tone you have pale, light skin that will go well with pink- and blue-based reds, such as strawberry, crimson, cherry, and ruby.

Warm skin tone – if you have a warm skin tone, you are darker and your skin will work well with bright yellow- and orange-based reds such as maroon, fire red, poppy, and tomato shades.

Should You Choose a Long or Short Red Dress?

Whether you want a long or short red prom dress is a personal preference. No matter what body type and shape you have, you can make both long and short dresses work by picking the perfect accessories and style. It really comes down to factors like if you want to look glamorous (a floor length gown will do the trick) or you plan on dancing all night (a short dress is perfect). You can see the range of long and short prom dresses at reputable online dress stores.

What about the Right Prom Dress Color and Style for Your Body Shape?

Typically, girls with smaller frames look amazing in brighter reds. However, if you’re curvy a darker red or orange/brown red as well as dresses with embellishments and patterns along the hemline and neckline are super flattering.

What Accessories Go Well with a Red Prom Dress?

A prom night is a formal occasion and red prom dresses are sure to make a bold fashion statement all on its own. So, try not to overdo it with too many accessories. Add classic, but simple details to keep your red dress the focal point of your ensemble.

Depending on your personal taste and the details on your dress, you could pair it with gold, silver or even black jewellery and shoes. If you are keen to show off your wild side, you could always choose a piece of jewellery or shoes with a leopard print!

If your gorgeous red prom dress has stones, sequins, or any other kinds of embellishments on it, keep your accessories to a minimum, such as one bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Finally, What about Makeup?

The most amazing makeup looks that complement a red prom dress are pin up girl, silverfish, or smoky styles. Alternatively, go for natural eyes and big, bold red lips!

How to Choose the Right Skincare Products – Here Are Some Top Tips

Maintaining the health of your skin is so much more than just applying the right products. You need to maintain a healthy diet with sufficient nutrients for the skin. Routine exercise and proper protection against UV lights are also important. On top of that, the makeup you choose to apply will influence the overall health of your skin in the long run.

Despite everything, the right skincare products – and a good beauty routine to go along with them – are still the right place to start if you’re serious about having a beautiful and healthy skin. These tips will help you pick the best ones to use.

The Right Product for Your Skin
There are two important factors to consider before you start choosing skincare products: the type of skin you have and whether it is sensitive. You may have a particular type of skin – normal, oily or dry – or a combination of these types. For instance, your face may have dry spots in certain areas, which means you need to be extra careful when choosing skincare products.

The same can be said for having a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is more prone to unwanted reactions when certain products are used. You may suffer from redness, inflammation or even acne problems after trying a beauty product or a makeup. Knowing which ones to avoid require a quick trip to your local dermatologist for some comprehensive checks.

Find Naturally Derived Products
Since the goal is to have a healthy and beautiful skin – and maintain that beauty for a long period of time – the best way to go is to search for products that are naturally derived. The world is filled with sources of nutrients and natural agents that can help nourish the skin and maintain its beauty, so there is no reason to rely on too many chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Some brands are more committed to finding new sources of natural ingredients and discovering better skin treatments than others. Skin Doctors products, for example, are famous for being suitable for sensitive skin thanks to their use of natural ingredients.
Take your time and compare skin treatments before deciding to go with a line of products. You can request samples and try different beauty routines to find the one that works best for you.

Avoid “Miracle” Products
There is no such thing as getting a gorgeous skin overnight. Beauty routines and the products to go along with them are mainly designed to improve your skin’s health over time. Keeping the skin healthy and nourished is also a great way to prevent skin problems and ageing, allowing you to maintain its natural beauty for a longer period of time.

Now that you have the best tips on how to choose the right skincare products, all you have to do next is get started with your search. Find a suitable product line and you’ll be well on your way towards maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.

How to Lose Weight in Time for Christmas


The holiday season is fast approaching, and the time of year when most people start to veer off of their diet track is also here. A lot of people end up gaining weight both before and during the Christmas season, only to regret it after the New Year. So how can you lose weight in time for Christmas so that you can stay slim and stop dealing with unwanted weight gain in December? Keep reading for a few tips to get started.

Start Taking a Weight Loss Supplement
The right weight loss supplement, such as Alli slimming pills will contain powerful yet safe ingredients that are designed to work with your body to boost your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, and give you more energy. Do your research and talk to your doctor about which weight loss products would be best for you so that you can be sure you are going to be taking a product that will work and won’t cause unwanted side effects. Start taking the product from now so that you can lose weight before Christmas rolls around.

Switch to a Primarily Plant-Based Diet
There are a host of benefits that can be derived from following a plant-based diet, but even if you just drastically reduce your intake of animal products (all types of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products), you can enhance your health and lose more weight. Aim to shift your diet so that two thirds of it is plant-based. Focus on consuming whole grains, whole wheat, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, as well as all of the non-dairy options out there and plant-based meat alternatives available. These foods are packed with fibre and protein, as well as vital nutrients to keep your body strong and balanced, and they do not contain any of the fat and cholesterol of animal products, so you will end up losing weight a lot more easily.

Reduce Your Consumption of Alcohol and Sugary Carbohydrates
Sugary carbs like cakes and cookies should be eliminated, or at least dramatically reduced, from your diet if you want to lose weight for Christmas. And the same goes for alcohol. These foods and drinks cause you to ingest extra calories that you don’t really need, and that will lead to unwanted weight gain. Focus instead on consuming foods made of complex carbs for sustained energy, and drink pure water to remain hydrated every day.

Don’t Forget to Exercise
Finally, remember that you can lose even more weight in a shorter span of time if you include plenty of physical activity in your daily life. Aim for a balance between cardiovascular activities like running and strength training routines that incorporate the use of weights like dumbbells. Also, don’t forget to take some time to stretch, so you can do yoga on days that you are not doing high intensity workouts.

If you want to look your best at this year’s holiday parties, follow the tips above so that you can lose weight and feel great.

5 Ways to Prevent the 7 Signs of Aging


There are seven main signs of aging, and they are dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, dull skin, patchy skin, dry skin, and open pores. If you want to prevent these signs of aging and maintain your youthful appearance, continue reading for five helpful tips.

Use the Right Anti-Aging Moisturisers
There are a lot of anti-aging products on the market that all claim to make your skin look beautiful and smooth, so it can definitely be challenging to narrow down your choices to the ones that are right for you and that will actually be effective. Sticking with reputable products that contain the highest quality ingredients is the best way to ensure you’ll get the results you seek, without wasting any time on products that are useless despite their claims and hefty price. A good place to start is Skin Doctors products, which range from those that treat dark circles, to those that specifically fight the signs of aging.

Stay Hydrated
You’ve probably already heard quite a bit about the importance of drinking enough water every day and keeping your entire body hydrated, but did you know that doing so will also benefit your skin and prevent signs of aging? Be sure to incorporate several glasses of water into your daily routine, and get rid of all of the sugary and overly caffeinated drinks to prevent dehydration, especially during the summer.

Exercise Regularly
Exercising regularly will do your body good in several different ways, but it will also help you maintain a more youthful appearance. When you break a sweat, you’re increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin, and that will stimulate the production of collagen. Plus, sweat will naturally get rid of toxins that are in the skin (just wash your face after your workout to prevent new breakouts). And when you exercise, your skin will even produce natural oils that will increase suppleness, giving you a healthier, more youthful complexion.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure
You need to be exposed to the sun in order for your body to naturally produce vitamin D, but you don’t want to overdo it, as it could result in skin damage that results in premature aging. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays every day in order to protect your skin and keep it looking beautiful.

Get Enough Sleep
In addition to common sense rules like staying hydrated and eating right, you also need to remember just how important sleep is. In today’s super busy society, that can be tough, but failing to get enough sleep will result in your skin looking aged. The sweet spot is 8 hours of sleep so that your body, and your skin, can repair naturally.
Taking care of your overall health and your entire body will help you also take care of your skin, so make sure you sleep well, eat right, exercise, and use natural products on your skin to prevent the signs of aging.

What to Pack for a Trip to Las Vegas

What to Pack for a Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be the perfect destination for the vacation of a lifetime. With the best nightlife in the U.S., exciting, unique themed casinos such as the Venetian and New York New York, outstanding and unusual attractions such as the dancing fountains found at The Bellagio, and plenty of other attractions and activities to see and take part in, making sure that you know exactly what to pack when you visit Las Vegas is a must. We’ve put together the ultimate packing list to make sure that you look and feel your best when you visit this vibrant and exciting city, along with ensuring that you have everything you need to make sure that your trip is one that you’ll never forget.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Although you might want to pack your best heels and dress shoes for when you’re exploring Las Vegas at night, making sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in during the daytime is absolutely essential. Since most of the attractions are based on the strip, during the day you’re most likely going to be doing a lot of walking round in order to get to the things that you want to see and do, whether you’re hoping to explore the huge, flagship Hershey’s Chocolate World store or take a ride on the exciting, world-famous Big Apple rollercoaster over at the New York New York Casino. Taking a pair of sensible, comfortable shoes such as sneakers is recommended at all times of the year, especially if you expect your feet to be sore from dancing the night away!

Bathing Suit/Bikini

If you’re planning to be visiting Las Vegas during the summer months, you’ll probably want to make the most of getting a sun-kissed tan. During the summer, Las Vegas can reach some pretty high temperatures, and although there are no beaches in the area, many of the hotels and casinos along the strip will have pools where guests can relax and go for a dip. Even if you’re visiting in the colder months, many hotels will have indoor pool facilities for their guests along with hot tubs and Jacuzzis, spas, and more – so make sure that you pack a bikini or swimming costume!

Dress Clothes

Las Vegas is home to some world-class, five-star restaurants and the casinos on the strip are often frequented by the rich and famous. Because of this, visitors to Las Vegas will definitely want to fit in with the glitz and glamour of the area, so packing dress clothes, such as an expensive little black dress or a pair of designer heels that you can wear if you’re going to an expensive dinner or a fancy show is a good idea. The last thing that you want is to feel under-dressed for an occasion or show, so don’t forget to pack something nice.

Power Adaptors

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas from outside of the U.S. or from outside of North America, you may need to ensure that you bring along a power adaptor or two so that you’ll be able to charge up your personal electronics and use things such as hair curling tongs or a hair dryer. You can buy two-pin adaptors, which will convert your electrical goods’ plugs so that they will fit into the sockets found in Las Vegas hotels, in many stores, travel shops, online, and even at a range of shops along the strip itself so there’s no need to worry if this is something that you forget.

Your Itinerary

Last but not least, making sure that you’ve planned and packed your full itinerary before you visit Las Vegas is important. With so many amazing things to do and see in this city, it’s important to have a good plan to hand otherwise you could end up missing out and finishing your trip having not seen on experienced a number of things that you’d planned to. Be sure to include Las Vegas highlights such as a gondola ride at the Venetian casino, watching the water fountains show at the Bellagio, and a ride on the amazing Big Apple Roller Coaster on your list. Along with that, don’t forget to check out everything that you can do outside of the strip, such as supercar driving, waterparks, and awesome tours of the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Las Vegas is packed with loads of great things to see and do, so it’s important to make sure that you’re fully prepared to have an amazing trip.

Postpartum Bodily Changes and How to Solve Them

Image: www.whattoexpect.com

Any woman who has ever given birth is all too aware of those often unexpected bodily changes that accompany pregnancy and labor. Sometimes it can even be a little depressing, especially when you find you have no time to start working out again and get back into shape. Some of these changes are even irreversible, although there are a few remedies that you can use to improve them. Here are some of the changes that you may be noticing and some possible solutions you can use.

Perineum Soreness and Pelvic Stretching
It is quite normal to experience this kind of soreness for several weeks, especially if you have had to undergo an episiotomy. The pelvic stretching that you experience with child birth, especially if you have had a few already, can be of some concern for many women as well. For the soreness, you can use cold packs, soak in a warm tub, and sit on a special pillow. What you can do to help strengthen the pelvic walls and help the perineum to heal is Kegel exercises. Practice these the same as you would any other exercise. It is easy to do them whenever and wherever you are.

Sagging Skin and Flesh
Just about everything starts to sag after giving birth, and this is something that is extremely difficult to counter. That’s where Scottsdale mommy makeovers can swoop in and save the day. Getting one of these makeovers will see to all those little extra bits of flab and all the sagging that you have to deal with. After a mommy makeover, you’ll feel as good as new, and there’s nothing quite like it to revive a woman’s confidence. You’ll look good and feel even better in no time.

Changing Complexion and Skin Discoloration
You may have developed sudden bouts of acne or skin discoloration, especially on your cheeks and around the eyes. This is normal during and after pregnancy, and it should fade. You may even have a reddish rash around your mouth and chin, which should also fade soon and is nothing to worry about. Many women, however, develop a condition called melasma, which is the emergence of dark patches or spots on the skin caused by excessive hormones. Thankfully, there are plenty of special treatments available for this now, including some over-the-counter options as well, so speak to a dermatologist about your possibilities. You can also prevent bouts of melasma by avoiding the harsh sun.

Hair Loss and Texture Change
If you find that you are suddenly losing a lot of hair, don’t worry. This is quite normal for a few months after pregnancy. If it continues past 4 months, you should consult a doctor. However, in the meantime, you can control the hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth by making sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid using your hair dryer, but if you must use it, keep it on the cooler settings. In addition, try not to tie your hair back too tight or braid it, as this can stress and pull at your hair.

These are just some of the bodily changes you may have to deal with and how you can combat them effectively. Most of the changes that you experience will be temporary, and you will soon be looking good and feeling great again.