Postpartum Bodily Changes and How to Solve Them

 Posted by on September 23, 2016
Sep 232016


Any woman who has ever given birth is all too aware of those often unexpected bodily changes that accompany pregnancy and labor. Sometimes it can even be a little depressing, especially when you find you have no time to start working out again and get back into shape. Some of these changes are even irreversible, although there are a few remedies that you can use to improve them. Here are some of the changes that you may be noticing and some possible solutions you can use.

Perineum Soreness and Pelvic Stretching
It is quite normal to experience this kind of soreness for several weeks, especially if you have had to undergo an episiotomy. The pelvic stretching that you experience with child birth, especially if you have had a few already, can be of some concern for many women as well. For the soreness, you can use cold packs, soak in a warm tub, and sit on a special pillow. What you can do to help strengthen the pelvic walls and help the perineum to heal is Kegel exercises. Practice these the same as you would any other exercise. It is easy to do them whenever and wherever you are.

Sagging Skin and Flesh
Just about everything starts to sag after giving birth, and this is something that is extremely difficult to counter. That’s where Scottsdale mommy makeovers can swoop in and save the day. Getting one of these makeovers will see to all those little extra bits of flab and all the sagging that you have to deal with. After a mommy makeover, you’ll feel as good as new, and there’s nothing quite like it to revive a woman’s confidence. You’ll look good and feel even better in no time.

Changing Complexion and Skin Discoloration
You may have developed sudden bouts of acne or skin discoloration, especially on your cheeks and around the eyes. This is normal during and after pregnancy, and it should fade. You may even have a reddish rash around your mouth and chin, which should also fade soon and is nothing to worry about. Many women, however, develop a condition called melasma, which is the emergence of dark patches or spots on the skin caused by excessive hormones. Thankfully, there are plenty of special treatments available for this now, including some over-the-counter options as well, so speak to a dermatologist about your possibilities. You can also prevent bouts of melasma by avoiding the harsh sun.

Hair Loss and Texture Change
If you find that you are suddenly losing a lot of hair, don’t worry. This is quite normal for a few months after pregnancy. If it continues past 4 months, you should consult a doctor. However, in the meantime, you can control the hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth by making sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid using your hair dryer, but if you must use it, keep it on the cooler settings. In addition, try not to tie your hair back too tight or braid it, as this can stress and pull at your hair.

These are just some of the bodily changes you may have to deal with and how you can combat them effectively. Most of the changes that you experience will be temporary, and you will soon be looking good and feeling great again.

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